Celebs 5'4" and Under Swear By These 7 Dress-and-Shoe Combos

Some style advice might tell you that petite ladies should invest in a great pair of shoes with a high heel and a low vamp for optimal elongating qualities. We can confirm that it is a great way to add length to your frame. But you’d be remiss not to save space in your closet for a diverse array of footwear, and you can start with the seven examples below.

In taking cues from some of our fellow favorite petite celebrities, we found a handful of shoes that they love to wear with dresses. Some are simple, strappy, and, yes, tall, but others are delicate kitten heels, nearly whole-leg-covering boots, and sneakers. The takeaway? It’s all about a balance of portions between hemline and heel. Furthermore, petite ladies have tons of options when it comes to what to wear with dresses. Consider the below a mere sampling.