No Lie—Dr Jart’s New Moisturiser Has Totally Restored My Skin

If your skin has felt dryer than usual in the last few weeks, you’re not alone. With less humidity in the air and increased exposure to moisture-sapping central heating, our skin is much more prone to dryness and sensitivity during the colder months. Although for most of the year my skin definitely sits on the oily side of combination, during winter the weather takes its toll on my skin in the form of dry patches, flaking, increased sensitivity, and redness, especially around my nose and cheeks.

A few weeks ago I noticed those tell-tale signs of dryness and redness kicking in, so I refreshed my morning and evening skincare routines and swapped out a few products to ensure that everything I was using delivered on the moisture front. A rich balm cleanser to nourish skin while melting away makeup, a cream-based face mist to spritz on throughout the day, and (the star of the show) Dr Jart+’s new Ceramidin Ectoin-Infused Cream—a velvety-rich moisturiser designed to prevent moisture loss by repairing and sealing the skin barrier.


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Now, I’m a huge fan of the original Ceramidin Cream from Dr Jart+—I’ve used, loved, and recommended it countless times over the years, and in previous winters it’s been my go-to moisturiser. If you’ve previously avoided thicker-textured moisturisers because you have oily or breakout-prone skin, give this a try. The key ingredient, ceramides, strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, preventing moisture from escaping, but without clogging pores. This year though, I knew I needed something even more intense. The increased sensitivity I was experiencing when applying products and the tightness I felt after cleansing were all warning signs that I had a damaged skin barrier…

The skin barrier is a top priority in skincare these days But, if you often use active ingredients like retinol and exfoliating acids, you’ve probably (albeit unknowingly) caused some damage to it. Also known as the stratum corneum, the skin barrier is the outermost layer of our skin, responsible for keeping moisture in and irritants (like bacteria or pollution) out. Think of the skin barrier as a protective brick wall—your skin cells are the bricks, and ingredients like ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol are the mortar, which fill in the gaps to keep the wall intact. If your skin barrier is damaged, your skin will be dry and dehydrated, and also much more at risk of being exposed to irritants (which increase its sensitivity) or bacteria, which contribute to breakouts. Essentially, no matter what your skin type, you need a strong skin barrier in order for your skin to be healthy and functional.


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While the entirety of Dr Jart+’s Ceramidin range (which also includes a mist, eye cream, serum, and sheet mask) is packed with ceramides and oriented towards skin barrier repair, the new cream truly is the crème de la crème (literally). Like the original Ceramidin Cream, this is thick in texture, but is much more dense, almost balm-like, but not at all oily or greasy. Instead of oils, the formula relies upon five different types of ceramide and an ingredient known as Ectoin to moisturise skin and strengthen the skin barrier. The ceramides replace those naturally found within the skin, ‘glueing’ cells together to restore the skin barrier, while Ectoin (an amino acid derivative) forms an invisible weightless shield on the skin to prevent moisture loss.

While I could keep on geeking out about the formula, it’s the texture of this moisturiser that really makes me enjoy using it. The thick, pillowy cream is dense and dessert-like—like a warm winter duvet, it instantly protects and comforts sore winter skin. Applied as the final step in my evening skincare routine, it makes me feel like I’ve literally sealed in all of the layers of moisture I applied beneath. Plus, within just a few days of using it, I noticed the rough, dry patches around my jawline disappear, and the redness near my nose (which always tingled when I applied my serums) has not only faded but no longer feels so sensitive.


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What’s more, the new Ectoin-Infused Cream is also great for all skin types; as I said, I have oily-combination skin which is prone to breakouts, so I’m wary of trying anything too heavy. But although it is thick, it’s not remotely greasy, which makes it ideal for those who like me, who need the moisture but don’t want to deal with excess shine or clogged pores. 

Now I know £50 might seem like a lot to drop on one product, but hear me out: One tub of this will be all you’ll need to see your dry winter skin through to spring. By the time you’ve scooped out the last remnants, your skin barrier will be restored and your skin will feel both calm and much more resilient. If you’re dealing with a classic case of winter skin, it really is a wise investment.

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