The 4 Skincare Tips That Have Helped Me Glow This Winter


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Hands up if your skin also gets petulant during the winter. It’s like as soon as the temperature drops and the central heating comes, on my skin feels so dehydrated and looks really washed out. Because of this I really have to up my glow-giving skincare and inject hydration back into my skin.

I really focus on layering complimentary products for juicy-looking skin. Combining ingredients like vitamin c, hyaluronic acid and ceramides have been great for soothing, protecting, smoothing and enhancing glow. I’ll avoid stripping foams or gels when it comes to cleansing and reduce my level of exfoliating. All of this has helped me towards better seasonal skin and achieving a winter glow.


(Image credit: @keeksreid)

1. More Moisture

"Moisturising is key this time of year,” says Treatwell facialist Helen Wyre Charkham, founder No. 23 Skin. Helen suggests opting for a thicker cream for winter but if you have oil-prone or combination skin you don’t have to go for the thickest consistency– instead, look at the ingredients that will protect the skin barrier like ceramides and fatty acids that will help against moisture loss.

2. Less Exfoliants 

"If you are using an exfoliating acid in the evening, such as a glycolic or even a retinol, you may need to cut down on the usage of this,” warns Helen. "Follow the rule ‘listen to your skin’– if your skin has been very dry throughout the day then hold off using anything exfoliating (even if its flaking and you want to scrub those flakes off)”. This is a rule that I definitely used to ignore. I thought that exfoliating would perk up my complexion and slough away the flaky patches of dry skin but in fact I was creating major disturbance to my skin barrier. When your skin barrier is compromised it’s not able to hold moisture as sufficiently, a real issue during winter. Now, during winter I reduce my exfoliants to fortnightly use and retinol to once a week and I get less flaking and less sensitivity. Instead, I focus on upping my vitamin C for brightening.

3. SPF All Day, Everyday

I’m sure you know this but it’s truly going to be game-changing for your skin in the long-run– SPF every day that you go outside is a non-negotiable for healthy skin. "We all know that SPF should be worn all year round to protect us against UVA radiation, however it can also protect our skin’s barrier, protecting our skin from the effects of weather and contrasting temperatures,” says Helen.

4. Make Time For Treatments

Keeping up treatments has become an investment into the way my skin looks but also how I feel, which of course then makes me look better. Having one or two facials a month tops up the work I’m doing at home and boost the plumpness of my skin with the circulation work. The experts are also then able to advise me of anything extra I need and normally give me a professional exfoliation. I normally opt for a FaceGym signature facial but I love the SkinWork City Cleanse facial too. "Monthly facials allow for better cell turnover,” says Helen. "Plus, you can get professional exfoliation without stripping the skin in this dry and cold weather (which we see people do so often at home) – thus, getting a great glow without the risk of over sensitising the skin.”

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