10 Dog-Walking Outfits That Are Also Stylish

Oh, the perils of walking your pup in the summertime—it's something every dog parent understands. You hear a bark, and you know it's time to slip on your shoes, get out the leash, and head out for a stroll—and oftentimes, this all happens at the most inconvenient times. But to be honest, taking your dog out is a great (not to mention easy) way for you to be active and get some fresh air—something everyone can benefit from. However, the difference between this type of leisurely exercise versus other, more intense options is that head-to-toe activewear isn't really a requirement. Instead, dog-walking outfits can be both fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Ahead we've found 10 stylish looks to copy the next time you and your pup head out for a stroll.

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