Does Where You Grew Up Affect Your Style?

As a fashion girl who hasn't lived in her hometown for the past 15 years, I sometimes wonder if my 19 years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana have had an effect on my present-day style, and the conclusion I usually come to is no. But I had a hunch that I'm in the minority when it comes to this. I made several drastic life changes when I was young enough to still be developing my personal style, including a transfer to a college in the northeast after a year attending a local university, followed by a move to NYC, followed by a move to Los Angeles and a career change, followed by yet another career change, and then an eventual move back to the southeast. 

Many adventures and a decade and a half later, whenever I visit my hometown, I realize that my wardrobe doesn't contain the styles that are prevalent in that part of the country. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I work in the fashion industry, but whatever the reason, I was curious to know if other fashion-minded women had also pondered this. With the help of some of the stylish members of our Facebook group, Who What Wear Insiders (join us!), below is some of the insight I received. And while you're at it, shop pieces that are covetable no matter where you grew up or currently live.

While everyone's life experience is different, it seems that the general consensus is that where you grew up at least subtly influences your style down the road.

Opening Image: Shannae Ingleton Smith