The Alternative Use for Winter Tights You Haven't Thought of Yet

Tights season is here, and it's not just about keeping your legs warm anymore. The latest trend to slowly take over on social media is a DIY method that transforms tights into a trendy crop top. No, this is not a drill—it's a savvy fashion moment.

Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics and vlogger ItsMyRayeRaye have shown the world the fashion hack of the moment. Each fashion girl reimagined a pair of traditional tights as an adorable long-sleeve top. The transformed tights make for a great layering piece, and ItsMyRayeRaye's YouTube tutorial has already racked up over 3.8 million views. Carpio posted her finished product to Instagram, and commenters seem to be embracing the movement, asking her to share a step-by-step for her top. The jury's still out on whether or not this is a practical addition to your wardrobe, but it seems easy enough to give it a try. 

Check out how these two fashion girls transformed tights into a top.

Would you DIY a top made from tights? Tell us in the comments.

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