According to Diptyque HQ, These Are the Most-Wanted Candle Scents for Winter

According to Diptyque HQ, These Are the Most-Wanted Candle Scents for Winter



Every fashion girl knows that a good scent wardrobe is one of the keys to a stylish life. And while a signature scent is often established by your choice of long-lasting perfume, the fragrance that fills your home is equally important. There are endless design features that can capture the eye upon entering a chic abode, but it's the lingering aromas of quality candles that take things a step further by capturing the olfactory senses and communicating one's tastes on a totally different level. Not just any candles will do, though—we're talking about the holy-grail, must-have candles by French fragrance house Diptyque.

These iconic candles, with their signature white labels and black lettering, can be spotted on mantles worldwide. In fact, the glass vessels are so beautiful that they often end up being repurposed and displayed long after the scented waxes have been burned. While the brand's glorious Baies Candle is far and away the best seller (and for good reason—it smells absolutely divine), there are plenty of other scents that capture the essence of the colder months a bit better.

Candles are a year-round staple for setting the mood in our homes, but come winter, they're especially important, as filling our spaces with warmth becomes the main priority. Even if you can't keep warm by an actual fire this season, you sure can create a similar ambiance by burning the right candles. That's why we consulted the experts at Diptyque HQ to weigh in on the best candles to burn during the winter to evoke the ultimate cozy-season vibe. Keep scrolling to get all the intel.

Diptyque's Best-Selling Candles for Winter



Woody Candles

"I would be remiss if I did not mention Feu de Bois as the quintessential winter candle," says Diptyque director of marketing Eduardo Valadez. "The scent evokes the warmth of a crackling fireplace. What could be more fitting than that? This scent is one of our best sellers. Some love to burn this year-round."

"Based on the current global context we are all dealing with and spending more time at home, burn scents that make you feel good and add comfort to your daily life," Valadez advises. He recommends this rich-smelling candle that calls in layers of vetiver, patchouli, aniseed, spices, incense, cistus, and tonka bean. 

Here's another winter-ready scent Valadez calls out as a perfect companion for comfy nights at home. It's woody and sweet all at once, with benzoin resin from Laos, patchouli, and herby Indian cypriol.

You don't have to walk through a Mediterranean forest to enjoy the enveloping scents of the honeyed cypress trees.

This robust scent is another one that Valadez reaches for in the wintertime. Those who love musky scents will appreciate its carnal allure.

Fill your home with the velvety fragrance of freshly cut sandalwood. The note is one of the most compliment-inducing scents to wear on the body, and it's just as gorgeous throughout the halls of your home.

It's no surprise that Diptyque's annual limited-edition holiday candle is always a big hit for winter. "This year, it's called Moonlit Fir. The scent captures the invigorating beauty of a forest full of scents and the essence of fir trees with the sparkling notes of eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint," Valadez explains. This festive candle trio includes the Moonlit Fir scent along with two other special candles perfect for the holiday season.

Spicy Candles

Valadez says this one is the perfect spicy scent to bring a bit of warmth into your home. It's got a muddled orange base mixed with aromatic cloves and cinnamon. It's the kind of scent that immediately makes you want to reach for a mug of warm cider.

Forget everything you think you know about vanilla candles. Instead of the overly sugary fragrance that might come to mind, this one is so elegant with its notes of leather and smoky accents that mingle perfectly with sweet vanilla.



Here's another spicy candle Valadez calls out as a winter delight. Though the notes of juniper berries might make you think this would be a fruity candle, it's dirtied up a bit with smoky accents and notes of bitter citrus.

Honey, tobacco leaves, and spices comprise this warm, enveloping scent. It's like the ultimate welcome wagon as guests enter your home.

"Scent families such as fruity, floral, and herbal scents tend to take a back burner during the winter. However, some of our best-selling and iconic scents are in these scent families, and our devotees to these scents won't be without them, regardless of the season," says Valadez. "I often suggest combing these scent families with our woody and spicy scents to create a personalized combination. One of my favorite combinations is Baies and Feu de Bois. You get the best of both worlds, and it's a great way to infuse a scent you like with something more appropriate to the season." This collection of minis provides the perfect opportunity to combine scents from different families to create your ultimate winter aroma.



More Beloved Diptyque Items to Try

Being that it's proclaimed the ultimate winter candle, you might want to size up on this sophisticated smoke show.

Perfume every corner of your home with the iconic Baies scent with this collection including a mini candle, a room spray, and a scented oval that you can place in a closet or drawer. Baies for days!

Candle aficionados know that keeping your wicks trimmed is super important for extending the life of your candles and avoiding the dreaded black ring of soot inside the vessel. This one is pretty enough to display, too.

This room spray is like the holiday season in a bottle.

Candles are lovely, but they're not the only means of making your house smell like a French dreamscape. This wall diffuser dispatches your favorite Diptyque scents throughout your rooms just as well.

Diptyque scents aren't just for your home. These perfumes will have you smelling like a million bucks.

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