18 Destination Wedding Dresses That Are Beyond Beautiful


Getty Images/Josh Brasted

Planning a destination wedding isn't exactly a piece of cake (no pun intended), but finding the perfect, destination wedding dress doesn't have to add to the stress. As you know, venue, location, and season are big factors when choosing a wedding dress, especially when the wedding is taking place somewhere exciting. So how to decide, when faced with thousands of dress options?

The first step is to not panic, and the second is to consider the terrain, architecture, and general vibe of the destination, plus what type of attire you'd pack if you were just vacationing. (Taking a trip to Napa, for example? Your suitcase is likely filled with casual yet romantic dresses, which should give an indication as to the type of wedding dress you'll want if you're having a vineyard wedding.)

Or you could just peruse our below guide to six common destination-wedding locales, from sandy shores to Las Vegas. We have tips and pretty dresses to shop that would perfectly suit each type of wedding. Read on to shop 18 beautiful wedding dresses according to destination.