This Iconic Hairbrush Was Created 84 Years Ago—Here's Why Stylists Still Love It

If you've been TikTokin' around on the beauty side of that app, we know you've seen videos highlighting the Denman brush. The Denman brush hashtag has amassed 419.7M views and has likely piqued your interest if you have curly or coily hair. Of course, some social media trends can err on the side of weird, but this is one we say is a winner. But only when the 84-year-old hair tool is used correctly.


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What Is a Denman Brush?

The Denman brush—created by John Denman Dean in the 1930s—is an iconic tool with durable nylon bristles that can shape curls. The brush is also a great multitasker as it can be used for blow drying the hair too.

What Is the Difference Between a Denman Brush and a Regular Brush?

You may think a brush is a brush, but that's not the case with a Denman. A regular brush can be used to detangle depending on the width of the bristles. But the Denman is solely used for styling, and it was crafted with curly hair in mind. Additionally, you can remove rows from the Denman brush to fit your unique curl needs.

What Do Denman Brushes Do for Curly Hair?

For starters, Ona Diaz-Santin, curl expert and owner of New Jersey-based, 5 Salon and Spa, wants to emphasize the Denman brush is not a detangling tool. That being said, there are specific brushes she recommends for styling curly hair types. "There is a 5, 7, and 9-row Denman brush that is used as a styling brush for a blow drying and shingling method," she says. But she does note: "If you already have a healthy amount of shrinkage, the Denman brush will definitely add to the shrinkage."

Additionally, Atlanta-based celebrity hairstylist, Deaundra Metzger, says before you start, "only use the brush on fully saturated and detangled hair for which you have applied a leave-in conditioner, moisturizing foam, or cream styler [and] carefully brush through your hair in a downward motion."

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