These Surprisingly Affordable Spring Denim Outfits Deserve a Look

I know I don't need to convince any Who What Wear reader about the versatility, wearability, and overall cool-factor of denim. So I'll just skip right to the point, which is I've found two very casual (but cute!) denim outfits that are so easy to recreate. Both were spotted on my stylish co-worker Norah Murphy whose outfits I must admit I regularly copy. For starters, these jeans she's wearing are very much on-trend right now. I also must note that each of these denim outfits only costs $100 total. (Thanks, Walmart!). I rest my case.

I'd argue that Norah is just as big of a denim fan as I am. "There’s nothing I love more than being able to put together an outfit in three seconds and have it immediately look chic, and that’s how I feel when I’m styling my favorite types of denim," she says. This white-and-black denim look she wore the other week immediately caught my eye.

"I have been so into high-rise, wide-leg denim lately. I think it creates a silhouette that's unique and really elevates the look. I also always opt for denim that has something interesting going on, which is why I gravitated toward this flared-leg pair with the cool buttons."

In terms of styling, Norah paired her wide-leg white jeans with a simple white tee and fun black accessories. The beaded-bag trend is still going strong, so it's kind of hard to pass up this $30 one. As for those sandals above, Norah says: "There’s nothing I love more in spring than a block-heel sandal. They add a little bit of height and bring more interest to my looks."

White-and-black outfits do always feel really interesting, not to mention sleek, so prioritizing more white pieces in the look with smaller pops of black feels seasonally appropriate. "This is pretty much the spring outfit of my dreams," Norah says.



Norah's second denim outfit is just as cool and a whole lot more colorful. "Whenever I scroll through my Instagram feed, I always see the most stylish people mixing red and pink, whether it's a manicure, makeup look, or outfit," she says of her inspiration for this look.

I personally think pairing these shades together sparks a ton of joy. "I mean, hello, how good are those red sandals?" Norah asks me. I couldn't agree more, both in terms of color and style. I also really like that she wears a white crossbody bag to tie it all together.

As for the denim she chose here, it's all about classic cropped, medium-wash blue jeans. I find these to be the type I reach for most often in my closet, especially in warmer months, so I'm always looking for new ways to style them.

This particular pair has some interesting details, too: most notably a slight kick flare and oversize pockets. "They have these awesome front pocket details that make them that much more stylish. I’m also a killer for a cropped wide leg. I seriously think it's the perfect style for spring," Norah says.

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