The Easiest Hacks for Crafting True Day-to-Night Outfits

Transitional dressing is an art form few have mastered. Just when we think we've nailed our workweek and date-night uniforms, our calendars remind us that there are also those more complicated days that involve multiple obligations with varying dress codes and typically zero time in between for getting changed. (Truly, we're tired just thinking about it.)

So what's a girl to do? Well, according to outfit-planning pro Courtney Kerr, editor of Kerrently, putting together looks that transition seamlessly from day to night is actually not as difficult as it seems. And she was willing to prove it, taking us through an incredibly jam-packed day that involved morning coffee with a girlfriend, back-to-back business meetings that ran late (always!), and rushing straight to a dinner date, all without missing a sartorial beat.

Curious to see how Kerr took a single look through a busy day? All that's needed are a handful of styling tricks, a few key pieces you're guaranteed to already have in your closet, and one secret-weapon pant style from Old Navy.

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