6 Shoe Styles Our Editors Are No Longer Interested In

Ask any fashion editor, and they'll reiterate the importance of choosing your shoes wisely. Get it right, and a pair of shoes can make your outfits look chicer and more put-together. You don't, however, need to opt for high heels to achieve this sartorial sweet spot. Nowadays, there are many elevated shoe options to choose from, from flats to trainers, which can help you carve out the sartorial identity you envisage for yourself. Reading between the lines: Shoes are important. So much so I was interested to find out which shoe trends our editors were most excited about for this season, balanced out with the styles they're not so enthused about.

It's worth noting that style is entirely subjective—what works for one person won't always work for another—so if one of our editors is skipping a shoe trend you happen to love, please don't take it to heart. As if to prove my point, there's one shoe trend in particular that has two of our editors deadlocked; there's no right or wrong, just personal preference.

So, without further ado, scroll on to see the six shoe trends our editors think feel a little, well, dated for 2023, plus the six they'll be wearing instead, and see who you agree with. 

1. Skipping: Over-the-Top Trainers

Wearing: "Quiet" Classic Sneaks


(Image credit: @monikh)

"I'm all for making a statement with an outfit; bright colours and bold prints are a joy to wear. But when it comes to trainers, I like them to accompany an outfit, not steal focus. While I've enjoyed writing about the out-there trainer trends that have dominated for the past few seasons, the pairs I'll be wearing this year are the classic, neutral styles that are everywhere once more."—Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief

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2. Skipping: Peep toe

Wearing: Square Toes


(Image credit: @daniellejinadu)

"Although they deliver in terms of retro styling, one shoe trend I won't be investing in this season is the peep-toe. I've bought pairs in the past and just haven't got sufficient wear out of them, so I like to think I've learnt my lesson. Instead, I'm getting my sculptural fix with some square-toes, which have proved to be an enduring shoe trend."—Remy Farrell, shopping editor 

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3. Skipping: Brogues

Wearing: Ballet Flats


(Image credit: @sasha.mei)

"Personally, I’ve been waiting for the ballet flat revival. In the mid-2010s ballet flats were the shoe of choice for fashion followers, and I’ve since missed the sweet edge they give to any look. As a fan of any flat shoe, the ballet flat has a special place in my heart (and wardrobe) for the simple fact that they go with everything. Though often considered as the perfect pairing for dresses and skirts my current favourite styling is the juxtaposition of delicate ballet flats with tougher styles, for example baggy jeans or wide-leg tailoring. Plus, you can find chic styles at all price points."—Florrie Alexander, commerce writer

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4. Skipping: Stilettos

Wearing: Kitten Heels


(Image credit: @sylviemus_)

"Let me tell you, my days of teetering around in sky-high heels are over. O-ver! So, you can imagine how thrilled I am that kitten-heel shoes are not only in solid supply this season, but they're high on the footwear agenda."—Joy Ejaria, social media editor

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5. Skipping: Chunky Wedges

Wearing: Sleek Wedges


(Image credit: @tamaramory)

"The beauty (and sometimes the difficulty) with fashion is that it's totally open to interpretation; one person may fully subscribe to a trend or aesthetic, but to another person in the room, it's the antithesis of their taste. And that's okay! Though I share the general population's sentiments regarding the chunky wedges of the 90's—sorry, Rita Ora, you won't convince me otherwise on those rubberised Fendi knee-highs—I am impressed by the slew of minimal wedges that are cropped up this summer and staying around for evening."—Maxine Eggenberger, deputy editor

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6. Skipping: Fisherman Sandals

Wearing: Pared-Back Lofers


(Image credit: @smythsisters)

"I've always admired fisherman sandals from afar—especially the pair from The Row—but after dominaing for the past few seasons, I'm looking for something a little more refined as a point of difference. Enter the latest drop of ultra-minimal sandals, which seem to have been picked up my all of my favourite influencers lately."—Emily Dawes, affiliate editor

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Maxine Eggenberger
Deputy Editor

Maxine Eggenberger is Who What Wear UK’s deputy editor and has over thirteen years of experience in fashion journalism. She been creating engaging and elevated style content specifically for Who What Wear UK since 2018, covering runway reports, emerging trends, long-form features, self-styled shopping stories and columns, including her edit of the best new-in buys. She ensures the highest editorial standards are met across the site, leads the editorial team in their SEO strategy and keyword planning, works closely with the beauty team on content initiatives, represents the brand at industry events, and regularly contributes to social media, including her own Who What Wear UK TikTok franchise, French Style Fridays. Previously, Maxine appeared on ITV's This Morning in her own fashion segment and has interviewed countless celebrities—everyone from Victoria Beckham to Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o.

Prior to Who What Wear UK, Maxine’s career began when, after completing her first-ever internship at Look magazine, she was offered a position on the brand's fashion desk. She accepted, leaving university a year early in the process. Her passion and natural talent for writing and styling meant she swiftly rose through the ranks to become the title's fashion news and commercial content editor, with a stint as InStyle.co.uk’s fashion and beauty writer along the way. She later served as Look’s acting Editor in Chief, overseeing both print and digital, before embarking on a successful freelance career, working with Grazia, The Pool, and Marie Claire amongst others.

Maxine is based remotely from her countryside home near Edinburgh where she spends her downtime renovating her house, walking her dogs, hosting friends and trying to master the art of making Old Fashioned cocktails.