My Makeup Has Never Been More Eye-Catching Than When I Use These Products

Welcome to The Great Beauty Try-On, where we seized the opportunity to test-drive the best-selling makeup products from some of your favorite beauty brands (plus some newcomers!) and documented the process along the way.


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Above everything else, I am a true makeup girl. I've been playing with makeup since I was 15 years old. I used to watch makeup tutorials in my bedroom with every product I own splayed out in front of me, re-creating my favorite looks as close as I could. I would show up to high school with pastel eyeliner, red lipstick, and colorful smoky eyes. (Please keep in mind that this was back way before Euphoria.

All of this is to say I've never been one to shy away from an eye-catching makeup look. I'm all for using products that are highly pigmented, full of glitter, or both. That's why I'm a huge proponent of makeup brands that are truly made for makeup lovers and not just people who occasionally wear makeup. 

One of those brands is Danessa Myricks Beauty. Founded by celebrity makeup artist Danessa Myricks, this brand is essentially an ode to makeup. It's filled with smart, high-quality formulas, tons of pigments, interesting finishes (hello, duochromes), and an extremely inclusive shade range. I put these products to the test to find out if they really are a makeup lover's dream. Ahead, read my in-depth reviews of the brand's best sellers. 

The Look


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To give Danessa Myricks products the fairest shake, I created a look using all of her best sellers in one. When I saw all of the sparkles, pigments, and duochrome finishes, I knew I wanted to create a graphic purple eye. The result was even better than I anticipated. I was able to create an eye look with so many different colors and finishes that I felt like an extra in Euphoria.

My detailed product reviews are below, but overall, I am so impressed with how pigmented and creative each of these products is. They really feel like they're filling a void in the beauty space, which is extremely hard to come by, especially in such an oversaturated market. You can tell that Myricks is a makeup artist right away—products this well thought-out and easy to use could never be made by someone who didn't spend an abnormal amount of time considering how makeup looks on the skin.


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The Products


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