7 Cute Tennis Outfits You'll Even Want to Wear Off the Court

Could there be a more stylish sport than tennis? Don’t get us wrong—we love wearing the latest trends in leggings and running shoes, but there’s something about cute tennis outfits that make us want to head to the court more often this summer.

From the classic tennis skirt to the flattering (and practical) athletic dress, tennis pieces have become staples we want to wear both on and off the court. Not to mention that in the era where stark white sneakers reign supreme, bright tennis whites have never looked better.

We may be biased, but finding the right tennis outfit will make your experience all the better—whether you’ve been spending summer after summer on the court or you’re just starting to play with your friends. So to provide some sartorial inspiration, we gathered some of the coolest outfits to wear for your next match and everything after. From pleated skirts and chino shorts to versatile leggings, these outfits are truly acing it.

Whether you want to sport a flirty tennis skirt or prefer your standard leggings for rallying, you’ll be serving up major style in these outfits.