I'm Inspired to Try These 5 Items Again After Seeing These Specific Fall Outfits

I pretty much have a uniform I wear in some iteration in my day-to-day. Currently, that consists of joggers or black jeans, a basic tee, and some sort of jacket like a denim or moto style. While I will probably stick to this vibe as we head deeper into fall, I actually have been inspired to step out of my personal sartorial norm after spotting a few intriguing fall outfits while scrolling through IG.

In fact, I seriously may consider testing out the key pieces in each of the looks again (some I’ve tried in the past) because I think they could add a modern and forward twist to my fall wardrobe. The items are also still in line with my personal style to mix in quite flawlessly. Keep scrolling to check out the outfits and items that are currently inspiring my autumn offering. If you too are interested in trying any (or all), you’ll also find a range of shopping recommendations.

1. Denim Shirt

Best fall 2020 outfits with denim on denim



I used to go for the denim-on-denim look quite often, but haven't tried the look in awhile. This specific outfit is prompting me to test it out again—especially the idea of buttoning up a denim shirt and half-tucking it into jeans.

2. Sweater Vest

Best fall 2020 outfits with sweater vest



Sweater vests continue to trend hard, and I think I'm ready to re-introduce the item into my wardrobe as a classic and of-the-moment way to add dimension to a look.

3. Leather Pants

Leather pants have always intrigued me. I love how that perfect faux-leather pair can add a directional element to a simple outfit.

4. Oversize Shirt

I'm all for an oversized shirt as opposed to the more fitted silhouettes I've been wearing (when I'm not just going for a T-shirt, of course). This top seems comfortable and current. 

5. Colorful Moto Jacket

Like I mentioned above, a moto jacket is one of my staple pieces. Given that leather in more colorful hues is a hit for fall, I'd like to add another silhouette into my mix.