These Uncomplicated 2-Piece Outfits Are Quite Fashion-Forward


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You may have a go-to look you’re wearing right now. For the most part, mine is an oversize knit, joggers, and tube socks, as I’m staying at home. If you are looking for a fresh outfit formula to test out now or to save and reference later, I have a few simple ensembles that could be worth considering. And please note the key term here is simple. That’s right: Many of my favorite outfits I’ve saved on IG over the last few months are not only trendy but also incredibly easy to put together with just two pieces (not counting accessories and shoes).

Keep scrolling to uncover a few uncomplicated two-piece outfits that feature particularly fashion-forward items. While many of the ensembles below could be put together using similar pieces already in your closet, I also shopped out each look in case you're, in fact, interested in buying something new right now.

Oversize Blazer + Leggings


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Button an oversize blazer all the way up to mimic a slouchy blouse. Denim could work here, but leggings are a comfortable alternative.

Vest + Jeans


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Vests are trending hard and can be layered with another shirt or worn on their own with jeans.

Bodysuit + Joggers


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While a tee works flawlessly with joggers, a bodysuit brings an extra-chic factor.

Sweater + Midi Skirt


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Keep it elevated with a cozy knit and your favorite midi skirt—sophisticated yet comfortable.

Slouchy Tee + Pants


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Tuck your favorite loose tee into cool trousers for a simple and modern vibe.

Cardigan + Denim Skirt


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Wear your cardigan as a top with a denim skirt (very of the moment).

Sweatshirt + Jeans


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Tucking a crew-neck sweatshirt into straight-leg jeans feels a bit more unexpected and current.

Tube Top + Trousers


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If you need a warm-weather ensemble, consider a tank or on-trend tube top with your go-to trousers.

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