The Accessory Both Gucci and Claire's Are Pushing


Collage Vintage

Claire's and Gucci selling the same thing? What a time to be alive. The item we speak of is barrette hair clips, and we have proof right here that both luxury and local drugstore retailers are in full support of the accessory trend. After seeing many influencers wear the throwback hair adornment, we knew this was a trend that was on the brink of exploding, and we were right.

Before we get to talking about all of the fresh styles these cute barrette hair clips come in now, we want you to take the time to remember the last time you wore a barrette. I believe the last time I wore one was in the fourth grade, private school uniform and all. Also remember when you used to use the more plain clips to hold up your baby hairs underneath your way too high pony tail? Those were the days. 

Anyways, ahead you can shop the coolest barrette hair clips on the market including rhinestone stars, rainbow clips, and fancy ones that say Gucci across the top (in case you're extra). Wear one, wear multiple—the choice is yours. But if you've been looking for an easy way to make your look pop, cute barrette hair clips are currently our favorite answer. 


Pastel babies to keep your baby hairs in place.

SOS—wishing we had short hair to rock this look.

Wear these the next time you have a wild night on the town. 

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