This New Jewelry Trend Makes Me Smile Just Looking at It

No seriously, every time I lay eyes on this new jewelry trend, I smile. Considering the current climate, that isn't such a bad thing. As of late, I have taken note of dozens of jewelry brands and retailers stocking pieces that look almost like something you made for your mom on Mother's Day when you were a child or at summer camp. Consisting of mismatched colorful beads, charms, flowers, letters, and more, this jewelry trend can be defined as many things, but my favorite descriptor is nostalgic. Basically, picture anything crafty (and I mean this in the least offensive way possible) that has that yes, I made this from a bead kit I got for my birthday type of feeling. 

Scrolling through my favorite 25 pieces of jewelry that best represent the trend will help you fully understand the vibe of the style, but while you do so, I encourage you to take time to think about similar pieces of jewelry you might have had as a little kid that you see reflected in the items below. From smiley-face beads to BFF bracelets, get ready for an approachable jewelry trend we expect to see a lot more of come summer but that we highly encourage you to buy now. 

Wald Berlin is my favorite brand (shh, don't tell all the others) executing this trend right now. That's probably because the aesthetic is core to its DNA.

If these earrings don't put a smile on your face instantly, I don't know what will. 

Remember those beads you ironed together to make weird shapes as a kid? Those are now the hottest thing to hit the jewelry world. 

Both fancy and casual at the same time. 

Layer this with all your other new colorful necklaces for a necklace layering moment to remember. 

Anklets don't only have to be gold, you know. 

Because surely your jewelry drawer could use some more color. 

Charm necklaces bring about a nostalgia that is priceless. 

I personally own this one and barely ever take it off. 

Mismatched earrings are always a good idea. 

Mango has an amazing curation of this trend right now if you're looking for more affordable options. 

Jazz up your white T-shirts with these loud drop earrings. 

Ease into the trend with this mild number. 

This is a DIY necklace kit, and I can't think of a better time to DIY something than while we are all spending time indoors. 

I plan on wearing this one with a black bikini in the summer. 

Not your average hoops, that's for sure. 

Another crafty necklace to add to your stack.

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