I Follow This Girl for Manicures, Earrings, It Bags, and Coats

As a self-confessed Instagram addict, it's safe to say a lot of my time is spent scrolling. I like to think I've developed a bit of a knack for sifting through the same content and discovering cool girls who not only inspire me to be more experimental with my outfits but also test out new beauty trends. Here's the thing: Having spent the majority of my adult life on platforms like Instagram, I know that finding a fashion girl who can also match her mani to her Marni is like finding a needle in a haystack, but there are some to be discovered if you really persevere. 

One particular girl who consistently trailblazes with both her fashion and beauty choices is 31-year-old L.A.-based blogger Courtney Trop of Always Judging. Her images regularly feature within my saved section on Instagram for this exact reason. In fact, I've started to notice a bit of a pattern for the type of content I save from her feed. They fall into one of these four categories: manicures, piercings, It bags, or coats. Granted, she knows a thing or two about dresses, shoes, headbands (okay, the lot, but give me a Trop post and I can guarantee I'll want to at least experiment with one of the above).

Keep scrolling to see what I mean. 



(Image credit: @alwaysjudging )

Style Notes: It's worth noting that if you're lacking in manicure inspiration, Trop is quite literally always ahead of the game when it comes to nails (go directly to her feed next time). She knows that her outfit doesn't stop with her fashion choices and that there's a lot of fun to be had on your nails. Opt for mismatched colors like her for a full-on nail party.


(Image credit: @alwaysjudging )

Style Notes: Green is having a real moment, and neon green, in particular, looks amazing subtly painted in a fresh mani. Trop knows this because neon green is one of her go-to colors of choice. Notice how she's wearing fewer rings here to make the green pop more. 


(Image credit: @alwaysjudging)

Style Notes: If anyone ever tries to tell you glitter nails are only acceptable at Christmas, walk away and right into your nearest salon because glitter nails are great all year round. This iridescent purple makes for the perfect mani colour; it's glitzy but not so loud that it'll date quickly.



(Image credit: @alwaysjudging )

Style Notes: Okay, before we move onto her enviable earring collection, I need to take a minute to talk about her black eyeliner. Seriously, Court—way to bring back the early noughties in a big way. I'll be copying her immediately.

Now we move onto those earrings, and as you can clearly see, she's a big fan of silver and wears hoops in abundance. Follow her lead and stock up on silver in varying sizes. Don't forget to wear with your hair up so they don't go unnoticed.


(Image credit: @alwaysjudging)

Style Notes: Sophie Dagon x Sabina Socol rainbow hoops, be mine. Make like Trop and wear your hair down if you're choosing bigger hoops (it looks effortless, and I know if I've got larger earrings, on I feel too done with my hair up). If the Sophie Dagon ones feel too expensive (because let's face it—they are pretty pricey), I found a whole host of rainbow hoops for your ears on Etsy. You're welcome.


(Image credit: @alwaysjudging)

Style Notes: You may recognize these fruity earrings from Instagram. They're by Susan Alexandra, and I've been toying with the idea of buying them for months, so I really should just do it. Trop wears hers with minimal makeup and her bangs down because the earrings do all the talking, so you needn't worry about anything else.



(Image credit: @alwaysjudging )

Style Notes: Statement coats are always a winner in my eyes, and Trop knows exactly how to make an out-there coat look all kinds of wonderful. Why stop at the coat? Wear that matching red headscarf and heels. Oh, and while you're at it, pop on your Saks Potts tights, because if you're wearing a red vinyl trench…


(Image credit: @alwaysjudging )

Style Notes: This blazer is all kinds of boxy-fit heaven and perfect for layering with sweaters during the freezing months. Trop's combination of oatmeal-colored trousers and a black top really makes the off-yellow color stand out in the best way possible. 


(Image credit: @alwaysjudging )

Style Notes: Noticing a trend within a trend here? Trop is clearly a fan of an oversize fit, and to be honest, we don't blame her. This furry Chloé number looks great teamed with chunky boots and a kilt. Don't forget about that slicked back hair. Opt for a knee-length or short hem so you can still show off whatever long skirt or dress you've got on underneath.



(Image credit: @alwaysjudging )

Style Notes: If Trop isn't wearing Chanel, it's Shrimps, so if every kind of designer bag is your jam, you're in the right place. However, not all of us can afford such a super-luxe item, so If the price tags feel overwhelming, Vestiaire Collective has a whole host of incredible secondhand options.


(Image credit: @alwaysjudging )

Style Notes: Did we mention she's a fan of Shrimps? I could talk about this entire look all day: the nails, the clip, the minimal rings. Don't be afraid to double up on beads with both your bag and your hair accessories, but go for darker colors if you want to toughen it up a little. 


(Image credit: @alwaysjudging)

Style Notes: Hey, little fluffy baby. A fun trend that somehow became oh so sophisticated, there's a lot to be said for a handbag you can also cuddle during those darker moments. 

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK. Up next, the "naked" mani everyone is getting.