Serious Discussion: These Shoes Are Incredible


A Love Is Blind

Do you ever get that overwhelming feeling where you just really need to talk things out? Whether it be a bad day you need to process with a friend, a confusing situation you need advice on, or in my case, a plethora (20 to be exact) of really cute shoes that I need to vent about, sometimes, talking about them out loud really helps to clear your head and bring you peace.

Basically, there are a ton of incredible shoes in the market right now, just waiting for stylish people like you and I to buy them, but why does there have to be so many to choose from? Where do we start? How much do we spend? Do we just accept the fact that we will never be able to own them all? How long with this shopping-addicts-anonymous anxiety last? Forever? I digress. As stated previously, this is an issue I really need to talk through as I process the goodness that is satin pumps, colour-block sneakers, and feather-adorned sandals.

Ahead, get ready to talk through each of the potential shoe purchases looming over my head with me, because once you see the shoes we are dealing with, you’ll have a lot to say too, trust me.

I feel like the are the kind of shoes you can throw on with whatever you're wearing. Although they are pink, they just seem so easy to wear.

These might just be the simplest, chicest "naked shoes" I've ever seen. Therefore, I should just get them, right? 

Sam Edelman, bravo. These are the summer sandals I subconsciously have been looking for. 

Kitten heels, mesh with polka dots, and under $100? I mean, how could anyone not buy these? 

Taking a walk on the wild side has never looked so fun. When I see these, I see my Levi's new best friend, because let's be real, these would look incredible with a good pair of denim. 

So, these have been on my wish list for a while now. They also come in a variety of other colors that make my heart hurt because if I ever get them, I'll have to choose between the hues and that is a devastating task.

The combination of the millennial pink, woven texture, and slightly asymmetrical heel creates a pair of shoes that is painful to resist. 

It's kind of unfair how pretty these are. 

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