The Coolest Gifts Everyone on Your List Will Want


Collage Vintage

We all have that one woman in our lives: We love her, but when it comes to buying her a gift she actually likes, odds are often 50-50. Her taste is impeccable, but that means she's pretty picky. We get it—we might just be that girl—but just because she has high standards doesn't mean that the perfect gift isn't out there. Knowing where to look is half the battle. The other half is making sure you know her size beforehand.

To help you pick out a gift that even the pickiest woman in your life will love, we got to work finding the coolest gifts out there this season. Some are fashion-focused; others are great staples that will surely come in handy. And at a range of price points, there's no pressure to splurge if that's not in your budget. We know it may be hard to believe, but the search for the season's best gifts is finally over, which means you can kick back with a mug of cocoa and cruise your way to the end of the year.

Read on to shop the coolest gifts for even the pickiest woman on your list!