6 Brands That Make the Least Basic Wedding Dresses Ever

Cool Wedding Dress Brands - Markarian


Courtesy of Markarian

I think pretty much all wedding dresses are pretty. From super casual to shockingly extravagant, I’ve rarely seen a photo of a bride and not thought that it was beautiful, even if what she wore wasn’t necessarily my style. Perhaps it’s less about the dress itself and more about the person wearing it, or the sentiment around it, but that’s a topic for another day.

Nonetheless, I do have a soft spot for any wedding dress, but it would be naïve to say that they’re all remotely similar, equally awe-inducing, or even belong in the same category. While some brides prefer a safer, classic look, others aim to stand out and perhaps even surprise. That’s where the below designers come in. Their bridal selections are equally stunning, but that’s about all they have in common because they’re all unique. To read about these six cool wedding dress brands that are as far from basic as you can get, just keep scrolling.

1. Markarian

As the designer revealed to Who What Wear last year, “There’s a playfulness in [Markarian’s] clothing that doesn’t take itself too seriously; it also maintains a sophistication and ease”—and it’s true. The brand delivers playful sophistication at its finest, and the fashion world has clearly taken note.

2. Lein

If you happen to follow any fashion editors on Instagram, then you likely saw some coverage of the Lein S/S 20 collection it recently presented here in NYC. It was rife with unexpected silhouettes, interesting fabrics, and the most unexpected accessories, including lace gloves, bucket hats, and bucket bags.

3. Sahroo

Despite launching just last year, Sahroo has already gained massive attention for both its ready-to-wear and bridalwear, both of which are characteristically rife with statement touches, such as feathers, embellishments, and selective sheerness.

As evidenced by their presence on Net-a-Porter, Danielle Frankel's pieces (which I'd describe as modern-bridal) are unique in that they don't feel strictly bridal. Her minidresses, coats, and even gowns are wedding day–worthy but also could fit in at any elegant affair.

5. Sandra Mansour

Lebanese designer Sandra Mansour's line first caught my eye through my never-ending search for party dresses—a category in which she also excels. Launched in 2010, her brand’s artful and intricate pieces are now worn by both party-goers and brides around the world. 

6. Cushnie

She may only have two bridal collections under her belt, but Carly Cushnie has already managed to make even the most classic silhouettes feel entirely unique. Similar to her ready-to-wear line, which is loved by both celebrities and real women around the world, we expect her bridal branch-off to blow it out of the park.