The Anti-Sweatpant Basic That's Suddenly Everywhere

If you're working from home, there's a big chance that sweatpants have become a key staple in your wardrobe. They certainly have for me, anyway, since they're an easy piece to wear while I'm sitting in front of my laptop or chatting with our team on daily conference calls. There are plenty of cool ways to style the at-home staple, evident in many of the outfits we've been seeing on Instagram.

Recently, though, I've noticed that comfortable shorts are the new basic that are starting to replace sweatpants. From sweatshorts and nylon shorts to bike shorts and boxers, they're a great alternative that's just as cozy and stylish but that will work well with the warm weather as we enter summer.

Whether you're pairing them with a ribbed tank and gold jewelry or a button-down top and throwback sneakers, there are plenty of cool ways to style them, and fashion girls have the outfits to prove it. Scroll down to see eight outfit ideas for comfortable shorts.

Ribbed Tank + Nylon Shorts + Gold Necklace

Comfortable shorts outfits



I love the idea of mixing nylon shorts into my at-home wardrobe. Here, Debora Rosa shows just how chic and easy they are to pull off, pairing them with a ribbed tank and gold jewelry.


High on my wish list are these sweatshorts from Reformation. I'm already seeing this exact pair all over Instagram and have a feeling these will be selling out very soon.

Collared Shirt + Bike Shorts + Sneakers

Bike short outfits



Bike shorts were hugely popular last year but had started to fade away. Now, they're officially back but with new ideas for how to style them. Here, Parisian fashion girl Leia Sfez shows the 2020 way to wear them by pairing them with a blue button-down top and throwback sneakers.

Collared Shirt + Nylon Shorts

Here, another cool way to style a button-down top with shorts. This time around, an easy look that's pulled off with a colorful pair of track shorts.

Sweatshirt + Sweatshorts + Chain Necklace

One styling secret I always hear from fashion insiders? Wear a matching set. There really is no easier way to instantly look put-together.

Sweatshirt + Sweatshorts + Socks

The best comfortable shorts outfits



Here, more proof that a coordinating set is immediately stylish. I love the addition of designer logo socks.

Cropped Tee + Sweatshorts

This combo is so simple but so chic. I love the subtle Nike logo on these shorts.

Blazer + Collared Shirt + Boxers + Sandals

I remember wearing boxer shorts in high school, and it appears that the trend is officially back. This is the perfect look for conference calls.