Here's What Scandi Girls Are Wearing This Spring (Hint: It's Colorful)

The bees are buzzing, the sun is shining, and it's finally warm enough to eat all the ice cream without a chill running down your back. During the glorious days of nonstop sunshine and blooming fields of colorful flowers, I feel a bit guilty cocooning in a drab palette of neutrals. Sometimes, it feels simply too nice outside to not embrace at leastdrop of color in my outfits, and when I'm short on fashion inspiration I head over to the masters of colorful styling: Scandi girls.

Even if you're not big on wearing a palette of pastels from head to toe, it's worth checking out the Scandi-girl sphere of Instagram just due to the sheer joy you feel after seeing so much happy color. Realistically though, I do plan on adopting some brighter hues into my warm-weather wardrobe, so I thought I'd share the outfits that are thrilling me right now. Ahead, you'll see the stylish outfits Scandi girls are wearing for the season and all the ways you can get the looks for yourself. 



Didn't you hear? Crochet is the new trend on the block, and this time, it's reimagined in colorful and cheerful patterns. Although it appears as double layers, this look is all one piece, which makes for easy styling.

While these jeans are sold out, you can still source some inspiration through this fun combo of party pants and a linen top.



Who else suddenly has the urge to down a tropical mango smoothie after seeing this picture? Your look will certainly feel as refreshing. 



Here's one way to bring the sunshine to you. A rainbow bucket hat will get many uses in the long summer season.



Scandi girls are pros at coordinating color—take this lime, teal, and lilac combo that's really a joy to look at. 



Hosbjerg is a label to know if you're eager to try the colorful Scandi-girl style. The brand is always coming out with cool matching sets in whimsical patterns and vibrant hues.



A voluminous dress and clunky boots are a fail-safe styling combo Scandi girls love to lean on. Add a funky crochet beret for some extra flair.

It's officially white-jeans season, which means it's also prime time to throw on your best colorful tops.



When styling a palette of solid shades, stick to one color family for a twist on monochromatic dressing.