The Classic Jewelry Items I've Worn for 365 Days in a Row

For a long time, I used to only wear trendy jewelry items that I could get for cheap. Well, a few itchy earlobes and weird green-blue ring marks later, I eventually learned my lesson: Investing in high-quality jewelry metals would save my sensitive skin and make for an allover more polished appearance. If you're not sure where to start with your jewelry metals, this expert guide might come in handy.

That said, I've taken to investing in classic jewelry staples like signet rings, gold hoop earrings, and dainty chain necklaces. Since I wear a lot of jewelry at once, I've searched far and wide for these classic pieces I can count on not to tarnish after nonstop wear (yep, I even keep some items on while showering or swimming). After 365 consecutive days of wearing and loving these pieces, I can wholeheartedly say that each of them is worth the investment because you should be able to own good jewelry items for your whole life.

Ahead, see how I wore each of these eight items—necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and even an anklet—over the last year and then shop my forever pieces.

classic nameplate necklaces



At any given time, I have at least two necklaces on, and sometimes as many as five or six. But this signature necklace has by far earned me the most compliments of them all. What makes it so special is that it features my own handwriting thanks to cool 3D-printing technology.

As I said before, I like to layer up my necklaces and think of them as two sets: my shorts chains and my longer ones. This coin necklace falls in the latter group, and its bold pendant is a nice balance to my daintier chain necklaces.

You can choose from a handful of different pendants for this chain. The one I'm wearing is the "Hope" pendant.

This is another one of my favorite pendants, and as seen above, I like wearing it at the same length as my coin necklace. It's inspired by modern art and reminds me of a Matisse painting, which I love.

small gold hoops



Just like my necklaces, I'm always stacking up my earrings with small gold hoops. (See exactly which earring combinations I'm favoring here.) Since I wear several at a time, I've come to favor these twisted hoops because the texture adds interest against my other pairs.

I have three rings I wear nonstop: two nearly identical dome rings and one pinky signet. For the dome rings, I switch between wearing one on my pointer and one on my middle finger or stacking them on one finger so it looks like one big ring.

More shots of my two dome rings.

This classic signet ring is one of my favorite pieces of all time. It's engraved with my initial, which gives it a sentimental touch.

classic bracelets



When it comes to bracelets, I don't own nearly as many as I do necklaces or rings. I've owned this brass nail bracelet for years now and realized it's the only adornment my wrists really need.

Over the summer, I shared that I've been wearing an anklet since I was 7. These days, I've swapped out the colorful string anklets of my childhood with a sleeker gold chain version. Still, just the act of wearing a piece of jewelry that's mainly for kids makes me feel, well, like a kid again. Thanks to this high-quality piece I found, I can truly wear one year-round.

New additions that I plan on wearing for the next 365 days:
charm necklace



As I showed you above, I'm all about standard gold jewelry, so this multicolor gemstone necklace adds a dose of color to my necklace stack.

The organic shapes of these rings immediately caught my eye. I love wearing them stacked up for a statement.

Pearl jewelry is everywhere at the moment, and I love this simple pendant with a bold freshwater pearl.

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