'90s TV Fans Will Go Crazy for This Christian Louboutin Handbag

What do you get when you mix a prestigious accessories brand with a cult ’90s TV show? Christian Louboutin's new ShoePeaks Clutch, of course. Inspired by Twin Peaks, the artsy minaudière incorporates the iconic red soles of the brand’s So Kate pointy-toe pumps. We couldn’t think of a better fashion and pop culture matchup.

So how exactly did the show inspire the design? “Born under the influence of Christian’s fetishistic 2007 collaboration with visionary David Lynch, ShoePeaks takes its name from Lynch’s ’90s cult TV series Twin Peaks,” the brand explained in a press release. “Brimming with a duality not unlike the double life led by the show’s starlet Laura Palmer, the minaudière melds two iconic So Kate shoes into one seamless objet d’art that is both an extraordinary, surrealistic sculpture and a functional clutch.” Dying to see what it looks like? Scroll down for a peek at the stunner.

Scroll down to see Christian Louboutin’s new ShoePeaks campaign, and go a bit further to preorder the bag!

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