Yep, You've Been Pronouncing Chrissy Teigen's Name All Wrong

The fashion industry is full of finicky, hard-to-pronounce names—Loewe and Comme des Garçons, we're looking at you. In fact, we only recently realized that we've been pronouncing Versace wrong (thanks, Donatella). Now, the latest head-scratching name revelation comes courtesy of Chrissy Teigen.

Responding to a tweet last night, Teigen confirmed that her name is actually pronounced "tie-gen" not "tee-gen," as basically everyone previously thought. She added that she "gave up a long time ago" on correcting people—and we can't say we blame her. She also posted a video clarifying exactly how to say her name so we can settle the debate we never knew we needed. Who else is going to throw us for a loop with their real name? Scroll down to see Teigen's tweets. 

Tiegen's Funniest Tweets

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