4 Simple Upgrades That Made My Apartment Look More Expensive

Lately, I've been finding myself spending more time and energy looking for home décor items instead of new clothes. While I'll always get excited about the newest It bag, I've made it my priority to invest in my apartment right now. (Side note: Does it mean I'm a real adult if I get excited about a new lamp or rug?)

Of course, large pieces of furniture like couches and dining tables make a big impact in any space, but not everyone is in the market for these major purchases. I decided to round up my favorite items that are much easier to incorporate into any apartment. For instance, I was so happy to ditch my old cotton sheets and try out luxurious, hotel-worthy silk ones—it's the home equivalent of replacing your old college sweatshirt with a tailored blazer. In other words, it makes you feel like a bonafide grown-up. Scroll down to shop my four favorite home items that are upgraded versions of things you already own. 

Luxe Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are the chicest way to show off your hobbies. Whether you're passionate about sports, interiors, fashion, or travel, a weighty coffee table book will add some panache to your living room. 

Quality Bedding

How many purchases (fashion, home, or otherwise) can you say you literally use every single day? Sheets definitely qualify, so you might as well invest in high-quality versions that will last for years. I have the Rove Concepts Mulberry Charmeuse Silk Sheet Set, and it has fulfilled my dream of having a hotel-worthy bed. The sheets are incredibly silky-smooth and are a huge upgrade from the cotton versions I've always owned. I tend to get hot at night, but these sheets have kept me very cool—even with the heater blasting in the winter. 

Yes, real silk sheets are definitely an investment, but the cost-per-wear becomes pretty reasonable when you consider that you'll be sleeping on them at least 300 days a year. Plus, sleeping on silk pillowcases is known to help fight frizz. The only downside is that silk sheets make it that much harder to get out of bed in the morning. 

Chic Candles

In terms of designer homeware, candles are probably the most accessible category—and for me, they also bring the most comfort. The smell of anything woodsy can totally transform my apartment and make it feel like a cozy, safe space. In terms of designer brands, there's nothing better than Byredo, Diptyque, and Le Labo, but there are tons of more affordable options that are just as chic. 

Gold Mirrors

Look through any French girl's Instagram and you're bound to find a slew of selfies taken in gold mirrors—bonus points if they're antique-style mirrors. I'm not too proud to say I've been #influenced and recently bought one for my apartment. 

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