My Friend Has $250 to Spend at Nordstrom—These Affordable Items Are the Chicest

The Best Affordable Fashion Items to Buy at Nordstrom leatngu Denim Tank Top Sweater Over The Shoulder



My friend recently texted me that she received a $250 gift card from Nordstrom as a present. She often enjoys it when I make shopping edits for her (which comes with the territory as a fashion editor), so she asked if I’ve seen anything at Nordy that would be worth adding to her wardrobe. Naturally, I had a range of items bookmarked from market research.

I ended up sending her four items that I think she’d like best. If you keep scrolling, you’ll find the pieces that I think are chic and versatile (the first four below). If you, dear readers, are looking for even more shopping inspiration, I also rounded up all of the other Nordstrom items I’m loving. I’m talking about everything from jackets to denim to knits to skirts. Enjoy.

Can't wait to wear this once the temps rise.

This waffle knit texture hits me just right.

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