28 Under-$100 Pieces That'll Give Your Outfits That "Chanel Girl" Look


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It goes without saying that Chanel's influence over the fashion industry has proven to be neverending. There are brands that come in and out of style, but Chanel has always been cool and coveted since its inception. The "Chanel girl" look has evolved a bit over the years and has certainly become a bit more casual and lived-in if you will, but it's maintained that classic, pretty, polished aesthetic. Now, it's just paired with distressed jeans sometimes. The point is, ask any fashion girl what the Chanel look is and they'd be able to describe it precisely. And it's a look a lot of people want.

The problem is that everything Chanel makes is wildly expensive, from handbags to hair accessories, but let's go back to that aforementioned influence over fashion that it has. If you shop certain popular brands, you'll notice that Chanel has a certain influence on everything from the fabrics to the colors to the buttons that are used. Because of this, that covetable "Chanel look" can be achieved, often with pieces that are less than $100. Scroll to see what we mean and shop some of them that were inspired by Chanel's recent S/S 23 and Haute Couture shows.


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