A Celeb Stylist Told Me the 4 Underwear Brands Celebrities Buy in Bulk


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It's no secret that a lot of things get gifted or loaned to celebrities, from red carpet dresses to jewelry. But that's exactly why I find it interesting to find out what celebs are actually willing to spend their own money on. To get that intel, I went straight to one of the best sources: Hollywood stylist Tiffany Briseno.

If you remember, I previously did a story with Briseno about celeb-favorite denim brands, but this time around it's about a more intimate item: underwear. I asked Briseno which underwear brands celebrities buy in bulk, hoping to tap into her years of behind-the-scenes experience dressing A-listers for a range of different events. Scroll down to find out which brands she named and shop the labels for yourself. 

1. Calvin Klein 

"Calvin Klein underwear is a staple in your underwear drawer," Briseno told Who What Wear. "Celebs are not only grabbing these in bulk but treating the pair as a waistband extension to your pants. I'm all for showing off that sporty underwear waistband. It's a throwback to the beloved '90s!" 


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On Kendall Jenner: Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bikini Bottoms in Empower ($17)

2. Tommy John

"The Boy Shorts are a popular pick. Sometimes you want a 2-in-1 special! Underwear and shorts? Nope, just boy shorts, and you are done. Easy to wear around the house with your fave oversized tee." 

3. Agent Provocateur 


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On Sofia Vergara: Agent Provocateur Emilia Corset ($825)

"Agent Provocateur is a pick amongst celebs not only for the incredible sultry designs but because the fabrics are so lux. Did anyone say silky cheetah print? Always a classic status amongst underwear. Also makes you feel like you are channeling Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies. Sexy is confidence!" 

4. Parade

"This is one of my personal favorite brands," Briseno told us. "They use recycled fabrics and are certainly my go-to for seamless underwear. I use these for many of my clients to go under clingy fabrics that require seamless, or just want breathable soft 'buttery' underwear as I would call it!"

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