How to Style Puffer Jackets Like Kate Middleton, J.Lo, Ciara, and More

Puffer jackets are certainly not the most exciting winter trend in existence, but that doesn't mean you can't style them in cool and unexpected ways. Need a little bit of inspiration to get started? I've got you covered. I scoured through tons of celebrity photos and settled on my favorite six puffer-jacket outfits from the likes of Kate Middleton, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, Irina Shayk, and more.

Hadid, of course, knows exactly how to give the humble puffer jacket a high-fashion upgrade, while Middleton is partial to a more laidback approach involving skinny jeans and lace-up boots. Meanwhile, Ciara has offered up a fantastic outfit idea if you want to dress up your favorite puffer. Scroll down to recreate celebrity puffer jacket outfits. 

1. All-White Pieces


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Leave it to Bella Hadid to make a basic puffer jacket look like a million bucks. I love her monochrome outfit and how she expertly styled white jeans for winter. I found some strikingly similar pieces below to help you re-create her look. 

On Bella Hadid: Off-White shirt; Dior bag

2. Head-to-Toe Beige 


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Another excellent monochrome outfit, this time courtesy of Ciara. I would never have thought to coordinate my puffer jacket with a formal outfit (usually, I'd assume I'd take off the jacket upon arrival), but Ciara is really convincing me to give the matchy-matchy look a try. 

On Ciara: Carmen March top and pants

3. Wide-Leg Jeans + Sneakers + Beanie 


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Everyone is obsessed with how warm The North Face jackets are, but now I'm giving you another reason to try out the brand: it's EmRata-approved. I love how she let her blue jacket take center stage by teaming it with black pieces.

On Emily Ratajkowski: The North Face jacket

4. Sweatpants + Combat Boots


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This one goes out to all the lazy dressers like me: Yes, you can make sweatpants look cool outside the house. Just copy Irina Shayk and wear a sweatsuit with a shiny black puffer and lace-up boots. 

On Irina Shayk: Burberry jacket; The Mayfair Group sweatshirt and sweatpants; Both boots

5. Skinny Jeans + Lace-Up Boots


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This outfit is a prime example of how Kate Middleton strives to be relatable with her clothing choices. Her sporty jacket, classic skinny jeans, and practical boots don't scream royalty but are staples nonetheless. 

On Kate Middleton: Barbour jacket; Chloé boots

6. Furry Scarf + Sweatpants + Sneakers


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You didn't think J.Lo would skip the opportunity to add a touch of glamour to her puffer jacket, did you? She did so in the form of a furry scarf, which will keep you looking warm and posh at the same time. 

On Jennifer Lopez: Alexander McQueen sneakers

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