I Tried 35 Celeb-Recommended Beauty Products—These 12 Are Worth the Hype

I’m often trying out new beauty products. Whether they’re recommended by colleagues, editors, or industry experts, I love to test the buzzy beauty items that insiders are talking about. Another group that really knows what they’re talking about when it comes to cool beauty things? Celebs. With access to the newest and coolest in beauty and jobs that give their skin high visibility (photo shoots, red carpet appearances, etc.), celebrities truly know their beauty products and what actually works.

To put celebrity beauty product recommendations to the test, I tried out a number of them for myself. While some didn’t make the cut, in the end, the ones I’m sharing here have my full endorsement and a permanent place in my bathroom cabinet. Ahead, discover the celeb-endorsed beauty products that I’m behind, and find out why each of them ended up on my short list of favorites.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment



Beyoncé's review: The product Beyoncé uses before each night is over? A thick layer of Aquaphor. "I go to bed looking totally greasy," she explains. "It's not all glamour all the time."

My review: This past winter, I experienced an extreme case of dry skin and chapped lips and tried every possible product to soothe them. Nothing seemed to work, and many products made it 10 times worse, which I attributed to some irritating ingredients. What finally cured my dehydrated skin? Aquaphor. I've even tried Beyoncé's routine of applying a thick layer of the petrolatum ointment at night, and my complexion has never been dewier. This is truly an essential drugstore buy.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Moisturizer



Lana Condor's review: "I've used this stuff for years—my boyfriend uses it, my brother uses it, my dad uses it," she explains. "This is what I would grab if it was the end of the world and I only had five minutes! I love it."

My review:love this moisturizer. It's packed with hyaluronic acid so it's super hydrating, but the gel formula is also very lightweight, so I especially love using this during the warmer months. Oh, and it's a great price point if you're looking for something that isn't too expensive.

Elta MD Tinted Moisturizing Facial Sunscreen SPF 40



Hailey Bieber's review: "I am very big on SPF," she said. "I don't leave the house without it; I don't go to work without it. Even if I'm just working from home and I'm inside the house, the sun rays still hit you through the windows." Bieber says she uses a full pump of this cult formula, making sure she covers the often-skipped neck and eyelids.

My review: Sunscreen is one beauty product I wear every single day. Whether I'm working from home or actually outside, I'm always diligent about suncare. Elta MD's tinted formula is one that I love because it's recommended by so many dermatologists and also has a great natural finish for when I don't feel like wearing foundation.

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cream

Kim Kardashian's review: She describes this as her “fave face cream in the world.”

My review: This is one of the most luxurious products I've ever put on my skin. I have nothing but glowing things to say about this rich face cream. After applying it, my skin instantly looks brighter and more radiant. After using it consistently for several months, my skin is firmer and my fine lines have noticeably softened.

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Wipes

Victoria Beckham's review: "The only face wipes that actually take off all my makeup are the Bioderma ones. I always use a cleanser after, but these wipes really get everything off," she explains.

My review: To be honest, I generally don't like wipes. I like the idea of them, but they never tend to do as good of a job as other makeup removers. These ones from Bioderma are different, though, and I swear by them for taking off every layer of makeup.

Eve Lom Cleanser



Gemma Chan's review: "I think it's really important to take care of my skin. Eve Lom does amazing cleansers, which I've been using for an extra bit of pampering in the winter,” she explains

My review: I'm always testing out new cleansers that vary depending on my skin's needs, and this cult one from Eve Lom is truly worth all of the hype. The balmy cleanser is extremely hydrating and incredible at leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean but never stripped away. The cotton muslin cloth is really what makes it stand apart from others I've tried though because it opens the pores and gently exfoliates.

Byredo Suede Hand Wash



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's review: "Heaven scent" is the way she describes the hand soap.

My review: I've never thought much about hand soap—that is until this past year when I've been using it more than ever. While I've tried plenty, Byredo's suede hand wash is the one I'm simply addicted to. The fragrance has notes of rose and suede and is the most heavenly scent I've ever used. Plus, it looks incredibly chic on my bathroom counter.

Shani Darden Retinol



January Jones's review: "There are retinols from Shani Darden for every skin type (unless pregnant or nursing). Texture Reform is a tad lighter and can be used every night, I use the Retinol Reform every other night," she explains.

My review: I've been using retinol since high school, which was first prescribed to combat some breakouts. Some of those early formulas were too aggressive for my skin, though, so I was on the hunt for a gentler product for years. Enter Shani Darden's retinol. By far my favorite retinol on the market, it's now a key product in my skincare routine that I use to prevent fine lines and reverse sun damage.

Hourglass Equilibrium Restoring Essence



Jasmine Tookes's review: "The perfect primer because it’s so soothing and conditioning. It’s particularly great if I’m on the go and need an extra boost of hydration," she explains.

My review: I think essence is one of the most underrated products in a beauty routine. Hydration is really one of the key things I'm after in a skincare routine, and essence really just locks it in. This formula from Hourglass is truly a great skin conditioner and a key for making makeup look natural and dewy.

Ziip Device



Margot Robbie's review: "I’ve been using this micro-current device called Ziip which has given me noticeable results. I’m not paid by the brand or anything, it’s really, really good," she explains.

My review: While it's definitely an investment, the Ziip device is one of my most prized beauty items. The microcurrent device uses electrical currents for a series of treatments depending on your personal skin needs. My favorites treatments are the sculpting ones that carve out your cheekbones and jawline, as well as the clearing one to banish pesky breakouts.

Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream



Selena Gomez's review: “It’s so thick and yummy that you actually don’t have to use that much!” she explains.

My review: The rich cream is one I always reach for when my skin needs a real kick of hydration. If you don't believe me, this is actually my mom's favorite moisturizer of all time.

Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil

Chrissy Teigen's review: "When I tell you that my skin changed, or my life changed, it did," she explains. "It was like magic."

My review: I swear by layering oils underneath a moisturizer for extra-dewy skin, and this formula from Le Prunier is my favorite, hands down. Not only is my skin instantly plumper every time I use it, but I'm also addicted to the scent from the plum oil, which happens to be the product's only ingredient.