15 Beautiful Casual Dresses and the Best Shoes to Wear With Them


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Since I'm a fashion editor, I am always planning ahead. Summer may be far away, but I want us to walk into June well prepared, so listen up. Class is in session, and I'm ready to teach you the best shoes to wear with dresses if you have a vacation coming up or are lucky enough to live in a warm climate. I am known to slowly build my next-season wardrobe using the storage boxes underneath my bed and suggest everyone else does too. This is the best way to guarantee you'll walk into summer fashion with an A+.

I don't consider myself a big dress wearer, but every time I start planning my warm-weather wardrobe, I suddenly become someone who wears dresses (at least a few times a month, that is). But since summer-dress outfits are so very simple, the key to a great summer-dress outfit is the shoes you wear with it. That's where I come in.

While you could just grab your casual dress of choice and throw on the first pair of summer shoes you see, there are many different types of summer shoes and many different types of casual summer dresses to wear with them, so I'm here to provide a little guidance in case you happen to love any of the 15 beautiful dresses featured below. Keep scrolling to shop the combinations you're sure to love as much as I do.

The Dress: Baby-Doll

The Shoes: The Classic Ankle-Wrap

The Dress: Backless Midi

The Shoes: Block-Heel Wrap Sandals

The Dress: Loungeworthy Maxi

The Shoes: Textured Heels

The Dress: Puff-Sleeve Midi

The Shoes: Leather-Strapped Sandals

The Dress: Floral-Print Bustier

The Shoes: Toe-Ring Heels

The Dress: Ribbed Tank

The Shoes: White Sneakers

The Dress: Colorful Slip

The Shoes: White Mules

The Dress: Shirtdress

The Shoes: Birkenstocks

The Dress: Milkmaid Mini

The Shoes: Platform Flip-Flops

The Dress: Animal-Print Maxi

The Shoes: Square-Toe Heels

The Dress: Denim Mini

The Shoes: Knee-High Boots

The Dress: Sleek Midi

The Shoes: Textured Mules

The Dress: Tiered Mini

The Shoes: The New Espadrilles

The Dress: Knit Maxi

The Shoes: Block-Heel Sandals

The Dress: Utility Chic

The Shoes: Flat Lace-Up Sandals

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Allyson Payer
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