Suddenly, Fashion Insiders Are Wearing "Capri Sandals" Instead of Other Shoes

It feels like the past few weeks has solidified that sandal season is here. With temperatures finally creeping up to the late 20s (yes, I audibly cheered), I went on a journey to discover what shoes fashion insiders are relying on for these warm summer days. Searching through Google I found that there was one particular breakout trend—the capri sandal.

Don't worry, I don't expect this term to be widely known just yet. But trust me, over the next few months "capri sandals" will be as much an everyday phrase as linen co-ord and quiet luxury. So what makes up the capri sandal? The style encompasses all sandals that feature a toe post—an elevated flip flop if you will. Originally worn in the region of Capri, the toe post helps keep your sandals on (if you hate the feeling of scrunching your toes to keep a sandal on, you'll love this trend). In turn, the toe post is also a chic addition that combines form and function, adding an expensive-looking feel befitting of sunning in the Italian isles. What more could we want? Through the years, the capri sandal has taken on various forms, with current styles taking on a minimalist element, whilst others feature sleek embellishments like stones and golden motifs. There's also a quiet luxury element to the trend that is balanced with the fashion-forward interpretation of simple sandals that has made it such a favourite amongst our fashion friends. Thankfully, everyone from high designers to the high street has tapped into the trend, offering up capri sandals in all forms and colourways and at all prices. For those days when closed-toe shoes are simply not an option, capri sandals should be high on your list. 

Keep scrolling to see how fashion insiders are styling the capri sandals trend and shop the best styles on offer. 



(Image credit: @monikh)

Pair with all linen ensembles for the upcoming heatwave. 


(Image credit: @smythsisters)

Even jeans look chic with capri sandals. 


(Image credit: @daniellejinadu)

I'm immediately re-creating Danielle's look. 


(Image credit: @astyleedit)

If you're looking to style your tailoring through the warmer months, complete the look with capri sandals for that summer feel. 


(Image credit: @francescasaffari)

A sleek finish to a minimalist look. 


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