From £4 to £90, These Are the Best Candles That Money Can Buy

Here at Who What Wear, we'd consider ourselves to be something akin to candle connoisseurs. Whether it's sourcing the very best candles on the market, declaring our allegiance to designer candles in all their expensive glory or sniffing out the best under-£20 candles that hold their own against their pricier counterparts, we have truly left no stone unturned in our quest to find the perfect candle for every occasion. However, when I was perusing my personal candle stash a few weeks back (yes, I have an entire wicker basket dedicated to my flickering favourites), I noticed that my collection varied quite wildly in price point, but they all stopped at the under-£100 mark. Sure, there are, undoubtedly, candles that you can purchase that exceed that three-figure price tag with ease, but my personal favourites all fall firmly within a spend spectrum of £4 to £90.

Suffice to say, in my opinion, you can truly find the best candles that money can buy for less than £100, and to prove it, I've rounded up 15 of my most recommended candles to share with you. As we come into gifting season, I think that every candle on this list would make a worthy present for loved ones. But in all honesty, they would also make an equally well-deserved gift for yourself.


(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

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