The Suitcase Diaries: "I Was Dressed by Dior for My Beach Holiday"

We no longer just head to the sunshine during six weeks in summer—one quick scroll on Instagram confirms that plenty of people are turning on their out-of-offices every single month of the year. To reflect our new constant state of holiday envy, we’re introducing The Suitcase Diaries, a series in which we (virtually) hop inside the luggage of some of the most stylish women we know and let them be our tour guides.

First up, we're joining London-based Brazilian favourite Camila Carril as she visits São Paulo and hits the beach. This isn't your average beach holiday, however, as Camila was dressed by Dior in its cruise collection for her getaway. So far, so fabulous. And her suitcase lived up to expectation being filled with delicate evening gowns and beautiful handbags—she even had a Dior logo eye mask and beach bag. Keep scrolling to see what such a divine hot-weather wardrobe looks like.

How She Packs


(Image credit: Camilla Carril)

"When it comes to packing, I'm usually very organised with my outfits, and I plan in advance what I am going to wear and photograph everything," explains Camila. "To be honest, I'm usually far from organised, so planning helps me to take only what's really necessary. If I were to show you the photos, you would laugh—it includes a messy room with outfits scattered on the floor and me coming on top of it with the winning look."

What She Packed


(Image credit: Camilla Carril)

This was a trip of two halves, so Camila packed a suitcase to suit her two destinations: a city break in São Paulo and a beach trip to Fernando de Noronha.

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For the Beach


(Image credit: Camilla Carril)

"Noronha is a beautiful island on the north of Brazil surrounded by nature, and it has the most magical feeling about it. My outfits revolved around bikinis, flip-flops and a LOT of SPF during the day, and I placed all my beach items in the Dior Avenue canvas bag."


(Image credit: Camilla Carril)

"For the sunset and evening, I played quite a lot with the Dior logo bra and underwear, mixing it up with a skirt and shorts, and the outcome was quite cool. To finish the look, I added one of these circular embroidered bags."


(Image credit: Camilla Carril)

For the City


(Image credit: Camilla Carril)

"During the summer, the temperature in São Paulo is around 30 degrees, and there are no beaches around to help you cool down," says Camila. "It's a big city with buildings everywhere, so I try to go for a chic but cool city look. I wore denim shorts and a T-shirt, and then really worked on the accessories to make a statement. For dinner, I dressed up more. I love the Dior Tarot dress (it's in a very light fabric); I paired it with slingback kitten heels and my Dior Oblique bag."


(Image credit: Camilla Carril)

Where to Stay


(Image credit: Camilla Carril)

"I was staying at Palacio Tangará in São Paulo, which was launched in 2017. It's an incredible hotel surrounded by greens at Parque Burle Marx in the middle of the city. They have an amazing outdoor pool and a beautiful spa."

Where to Visit (and Shop)


(Image credit: Camilla Carril)

To eat in São Paulo: "Have the best steak at Figueira Rubaiyat, try the delicious Doce de Leite crepe at 348 Restaurant and watch people pass by, and have a coffee at Santo Grão."

Shopping in São Paulo: "Go to Rua Oscar Freire (the best national and international shopping street) and you have to experience our big shopping centres, such as Cidade Jardim."

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