I Never Forget to Pack This Must-Have Accessory When Traveling
I Never Forget to Pack This Must-Have Accessory When Traveling

I Never Forget to Pack This Must-Have Accessory When Traveling

While I may spend the holiday season visiting loved ones in my hometown, I spend my time off throughout the early months of the year a little bit differently. With a handful of long holiday weekends coming up, there's no better time to jet off to destinations near and far for some R&R and adventure—whether that's a trip to the slopes, an all-inclusive beach resort, or a shopping trip in the city.

And even more important than the trip itself are the items I'll be packing. (Did you expect anything less?) No matter where I'm headed, the first item on my list is a pair of sunnies. Sure, they're essential for blocking the sun, but most importantly, they're just so damn cute. Need to snag a pair to throw in your carry-on? Peep the styles I'm eyeing for my next getaway, all from one of the style set's favorite brands: Calvin Klein.

When I think "beach day," I think the largest sunnies possible. So that's why these oversize, '70s-inspired frames are no-brainers for any tropical vacay. I'm partial to the light-tan tortoiseshell shade (it's giving vintage), but if black or brown tickles your fancy, I won't stop you. And let's be honest: They'll look fantastic with a fruity pineapple drink in hand.

Sleek, stylish, and easy to pop into any of this season's It bags, these classic frames are my first choice for running around the city. Something about the aviator-style frame gives effortless vibes, and I can always get behind that. You can count on Calvin Klein to keep it chic and timeless.

I've never really been a skier, but the chic fashion up in the mountains is enough to make me want to become one. I can easily see these rectangular sunnies paired with a puffer and ski boots on the slopes or with an oversize scarf and a peacoat outside the lodge (where you'll find me enjoying the views).

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