Charlotte Low-Key Wore This 2018 Trend on Sex and the City

Charlotte York style Sex and the City


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Recently I was skimming through some episodes of Sex and the City and I realized just how good all the fashion was. This is a well-documented point, sure, and there is plenty of literature to back up the importance of Carrie’s wardrobe, but this is where I divert. When watching some of those classic episodes set in the early 2000s, it wasn’t Carrie who stood out to me but Charlotte—and it occurred to me just how underrated Charlotte’s style is.

She’s largely known as being old-fashioned and the conventionalist, which there is an argument for, but what struck me is how great some of her outfits are. In particular, she has a thing for classic styles like bustier tops inspired by corsets that fit with her proclivity for romance. And the decades-old pieces remind me a lot of pieces designers like Brock and Markarian are bringing to market today.

I’m personally a fan of bustiers—and even wrote a story about the “nouveau milkmaid tops” that are taking over 2018. Charlotte’s versions were just a precursor, but they are now ones I’m looking to as inspiration for what I’m wearing currently. Ahead I’m trying out the trend for myself and breaking down the tops I imagine Charlotte wearing in 2018, whether designed with a flouncy peplum hem, a sweetheart neckline, or covered in a delicate floral print.

Charlotte's bustier tops are just so epic

To me, this top feels very 2018 in the best possible ways. If you told me it was Brock, I would believe it.

Bring on the romance

Charlotte’s top here is embellished with lace. I want another version of this one to emerge now.

The first time I tried to tap into Charlotte's look

I decided to try out Charlotte’s look after watching some old SATC episodes. This top doesn’t have boning or any major structural elements, but it mimics the look of a bustier.

The next time I tried the look

For round two, I went for the real thing. I wore a top that was structured with serious boning—and I felt like I tapped into a bit of what Charlotte was all about.

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