6 Effortless Outfits That Make You Look Put Together

If your approach to getting dressed has typically been a bit black and white (i.e., there are polished looks and casual looks, and never the twain shall meet), we'd like to formally welcome you into the much more exciting gray area. As you've likely noticed, we're living in a time where celebs style their track pants with heels—a time where the best-dressed women at any party are almost always the ones rocking sneakers beneath their formal dresses. We'll admit that this way of dressing can be a bit intimidating at first, though, so we asked Viktoria Dahlberg and Jourdan Sloane, two pros at the polished-meets-casual vibe, to show us how it's done. They're sharing all of their styling tips, along with six must-copy outfits from Theory (available at Bloomingdale's) that make it all so easy to pull off.