3 Simple Rules for the Perfect Work Wardrobe

Open your closet and you'll find that about half of it encompasses a variety of work-friendly wares. But do you have the absolute essentials? Maybe you do, maybe you don't, or maybe you just want to give your current selection an upgrade (never a bad idea, right?). Well, whatever the reason, we're sharing with you the three rules you must follow to create the perfect work wardrobe. While you can't get away with just wearing these pieces forever, they're certainly crucial to mix with other items already in your closet. Consider these items the building blocks to creating insanely polished and covetable office style. 

Keep scrolling to see the three rules and shop pieces that will take you from 9-to-5 to happy hour.

Invest in one suit and you can wear it a multitude of ways—as it is, the blazer with jeans for a more casual day, the bottoms with a crisp top, and so on.

Every woman needs at least two quality pairs of shoes that will last—flats to commute in and run around the office in on those less-formal days, and heels under the desk for when you need to dress up for a meeting.

If there's one shirt you're going to include in your work wardrobe, make it the classic white button-down. It's always chic and will literally go with anything you're wearing. 

Will you incorporate any of these items into your wardrobe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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