Bucket Hats Are Here to Stay, so Here's How to Actually Wear Them


Confession: One of the things I relish the most is when a friend slides into my DMs asking for an outfit idea or a shopping pick. Being the designated stylist of the friend group is fun, but at times, I find even I can get into a fashion rut. After all, how can you actually pull off bucket hats or the biggest trends of the moment without a bit of guidance? And no one quite guides or inspires me like Who What Wear readers. Whether it’s casual party outfits or shopping recommendationsy’all never fail the assignment.

Given this fact, I figured I’d scour our Instagram hashtag, #whowhatwearing, searching for fresh bucket-hat outfits. Bucket hats are by no means a new trend (they have dominated our feeds for a while), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t an accessory that could use some styling inspiration. And what better way to embrace the trend than with a little help from our friends? Keep reading for all the various ways to wear bucket hats and shop the key pieces to create the look for yourself.


Swimsuit + Jewelry + Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @sarahkretzu)

In need of some time in the sun? Before you slip off to the water nearby, don’t forget to pair your favorite suit with a bucket hat. 

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Head-to-Toe Gray Look + Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @saraflaaen)

Bucket hats aren’t just for those summer days. In fact, I implore you to copy reader Sara Flaaen and wear your hat in the winter. Just pair it with a head-to-toe sweater groutfit, and you’ll be cozy and chic.

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Padded Black T-Shirt + Combat Boots + Gingham Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @divrav)

I love when an outfit hits on multiple trends, and this outfit idea from Div Ravindran does just that. Pairing a gingham hat with a T-shirt and combat boots is the grunge-meets-polished look I never knew I needed to copy.

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Cardigan + Bucket Hat + Cargo Pants
(Image credit: @alllisonho)

Another simple outfit idea that can include your favorite bucket hat is pairing it with a matching cardigan like Allison Ho. Just be sure to pick the color that suits you best.

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Monochrome Outfit + Printed Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @aniyahmorinia)

There’s no better way to show off your favorite printed bucket hat than by pairing it with a monochrome ensemble. Whether you opt for nude or black or go bold like Aniyah Morinia in an all-white look, your bucket-hat outfit will be sure to stun.

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Boilersuit + Sandals + Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @cindy.octaviany)

The best thing about bucket hats (other than the fact they’re great for bad-hair days) is that they come in so many different variations and can be styled in so many ways. If you’re not sure where to start, look to Cindy Octaviany for inspiration and opt for an earth-toned bucket hat paired with a simple boilersuit. I promise this is a no-fail way to wear your new hat.

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Sweater-Vest + Oversize-Collar Button-Down + Pearls + Fuzzy Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @nnennaechem)

It doesn’t get any funner or more fashionable than Nnenna Echem’s bucket-hat outfit. The fuzzy hat? The sweater-vest? The exaggerated collar? Perfection. And the great thing about this outfit is that you can re-create it at home.

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Nude Button-Down + Bucket Hat + Gold Hoops
(Image credit: @kristinapittam)

The surefire way to pull off a bucket-hat outfit? Just take a cue from Kristina Pittam and opt for a head-to-toe nude look. You won’t regret it.

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Oversize Sweatshirt + Slide Sandals + Colorful Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @rachelnosco)

Bucket-hat outfits aren’t just trendy—they’re the epitome of functional and fashionable. Don’t believe me? Look no further than this outfit from Rachel Nosco. Whether you’re at home or rolling out of bed for a quick run to your bodega, throwing on your go-to oversize sweatshirt with a colorful bucket hat and slides is a look you can count on.

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Blazer + Bra Top + Shorts + Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @matildemantini)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Bra tops are here to stay. And what better way to celebrate our intimates getting the limelight they deserve than pairing them with the other trend that’s here to stay (bucket hats)? If the look is too risqué for your taste, try throwing on a blazer and Bermuda shorts like Matilde Mantini for a more daylight-friendly look.

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Leather Coat + White Tank + Black Jeans + Oversize Sunglasses + Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @nkeirukalovlin)

No matter your budget, another way to make your bucket-hat outfit look luxe is by playing with textures. I’d suggest looking to reader Uzi for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to mix faux leather with faux fur or luxe pieces with affordable pieces. Just try to keep them in the same color family so that you can pull this look off with ease.

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Turtleneck + Jeans + Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @zey.ca)

I’d like to introduce you to the simplest bucket-hat outfit idea that you probably already own: this look from Who What Wear reader Zeynab. Pull out your trusty turtleneck and jeans and then throw on the bucket hat, and voilà!

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Matching Set + Sandals + Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @tiffwang_)

Want the comfort of being in a bralette without showing the whole world? Look no further than Tiffany Wang’s matching plissé set with a bucket hat. This is a look you’ll want to bookmark for when you want to be cozy but still need to be Zoom-appropriate.

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Bomber Jacket + Bra Top + Jeans + Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @jamilla.strand)

Don’t want to bust out your turtlenecks? How about you copy Jamilla Strand and pair the crop top you wore all summer with a bomber jacket and bucket hat for a cool-weather outfit that you won’t overheat in?

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Off-the-Shoulder Top + Printed Pants + Printed Bucket Hat + Platform Sandals
(Image credit: @__mmaxinewylde)

The great thing about bucket hats is that they’re meant to make a statement. Like reader Maxine Wylde, I suggest you go bold and mix and match your patterns for an outfit idea like no other.

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Shearling Bucket Hat + Matching Coat + T-Shirt + Jeans
(Image credit: @olivianatalie)

Now that it’s colder, you don’t have to ditch your bucket hat—in fact, you, like Olivia, can use it to keep you warm by opting for a hat with faux shearling to match your coat. It’s not only cozy, but it’s also chic.

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Bucket Hat + Matching Oversize Cardigan + Tank + Briefs
(Image credit: @amaka.hamelijnck)

You’ve made it this far, and you’re probably thinking, "These ideas are cute, but I have nowhere to go.” But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to go out in order to be able to put on your bucket hat. Just look to Amaka Hamelijnck as proof. Throw on your briefs, a halter tank, a cardigan, and your bucket hat for a cozy at-home ’fit that’s still chic.

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Bucket Hat + Matching Blazer + Turtleneck + Earrings
(Image credit: @hay.dy)

Not to be a broken record here, but matching your bucket hat to other parts of your outfits is too cute not to try. And reader Haydy’s matching blazer and bucket hat are further proof this is a look that’s super easy to incorporate into any wardrobe. All you have to do is find a hat that matches your favorite outerwear.

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Crop Top + High-Waisted Denim + Chains + ’90s Shoulder Bag + Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @angelinaahazel)

If you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate bucket hats into your go-to weekend ensembles, look no further than Angelina for inspiration. Just pair your trusty shoulder bag, crop top, and favorite pair of jeans with your new hat for the perfect off-duty look.

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Matching Coat + Bucket Hat + Dress + Combat Boots
(Image credit: @loisopoku)

I live for a matching moment, and it’s even better when the moment includes a bucket hat. Whether you opt for a matching plaid coat and bucket hat like Lois Opoku or pick a solid color, this is an outfit combination that works for any style, any time, and just about anywhere. 

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Bucket Hat + Lace-Up Top + Cargo Pants + Sneakers
(Image credit: @caroline_hu)

Sure, there are a lot of trends we say are big, but if you’ve scrolled through Instagram enough, at some point, you’ve probably recognized the rise in pieces with cutouts or lace-up details. These trends will continue to be popular, so what better way to embrace the look than pairing it with a bucket hat. Whether you choose an outfit that includes both cutouts and lace-up details like Caroline Hu or just pick one statement piece, this is a look that is sure to be on-trend this season.

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Animal-Print Bucket Hat + Colorful Sweater + Leather Pants + Coat
(Image credit: @gemmakatrina_b)

If you’re not a fan of matching your outerwear or layers, then let Gemma Katrina be your muse, and don’t be afraid to mix it up. Just be sure to pick a bucket hat that makes a statement when styling your look.

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Oversize Bucket Hat + Puff-Sleeve Crop Top + Linen Pants
(Image credit: @carolineripa)

If you happen to live in a place where it’s a little too warm for knitwear, you can look to Caroline Ripa’s bucket-hat outfit as inspiration.

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Oversize Cardigan + Knee-High Boots + Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @alice_fetisova)

Live somewhere with in-between, "not too hot, not too cold” weather? Why not pair your bucket hat with an oversize cardigan and your knee-high boots like Alice Fetisova? It’s a look perfect for transitional weather. 

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Bucket Hat + Cardigan + Cargo Pants + Combat Boots
(Image credit: @eemilyaaron)

You don’t have to limit yourself to pairing your bucket hat with just denim or dresses. In fact, if you’re in need of another bucket-hat outfit idea, look to Emily Aaron for inspiration. Pair your favorite knit cardigan with cargo pants and combat boots for a unique way to style your go-to bucket hat.

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All-Black Outfit + Chain Necklace + White Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @michellaccc)

You’ve made it this far, and I wanted to remind you that you don’t necessarily need to buy a ton of new pieces to create your very own bucket-hat outfit. You can work with what you got. Case in point: Michella Choi’s outfit. Pull out your favorite black jeans, top, and bucket hat to re-create this look—there’s no need to splurge. But if you do want to, I recommend adding a statement necklace or shoulder bag to make this outfit idea feel like your very own.

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Oversized Blazer Dress + Ankle Boots + Bucket Hat
(Image credit: @heelmenow)

What’s great about bucket hats is they really can be styled with just about anything—from oversize blazer dresses (like Lien’s look above) to jeans. This is a staple that has endless iterations and can be worn in various ways. Bucket hats, therefore, are here to stay, and I’m not mad about it.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Next: Hat Fandom Is at Full Speed Right Now—Here Are the Biggest Trends to Know

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