12 Bridesmaid Dresses Your Friends Will Actually Wear Again

Last Saturday night, a moment of pure elation came over me. My best friend arrived for dinner wearing an oversize gray turtleneck layered over a silky silver maxi dress and sneakers. I applauded her impeccably chic outfit and inquired in that red carpet way, "Darling, who are you wearing?" Her answer brought as much pleasure to me as it did to her: "Judith, it's my bridesmaid dress—from your wedding!"

When I got married last year, it was always my intention to give my bridesmaids dresses that they would want to wear again, even if it was just to another wedding. So I opted for versatile silky silver slip dresses (which we dressed up with cascading rhinestone earrings and shimmery shoes). And now, to see my best friend not only wearing the dress but pulling it off in cool-girl style brought me pure delight.

So, brides, if you are about to choose your bridal party's outfits for your big day, consider the ultra-chic options below, which are elegant enough for a wedding and versatile enough to re-wear. Moreover, won't it be satisfying when someone asks her, "Darling, who are you wearing?"