19 Blue Lens Sunglasses That Are So Chic

From swimwear to sneakers, there’s no better place than Instagram to find the latest trends every season. If there’s one trend we’re seeing on fashion girls and editors alike, it’s tinted sunglasses, and we’re taking note. And this time around, we’ve got our eyes on blue lens sunglasses to complement every outfit this summer.

Perhaps it all started with the retro-inspired yellow lenses, leading into what has now become a major moment for eyewear. Of course, right up there with ultra-skinny frames, these lenses aren’t the most practical in terms of protecting our eyes from the sun or just keeping it from our eyes. But sometimes we just want to wear things that make us feel good, and this trend does exactly that.

From icy-blue pastel lenses to bolder, darker iterations of the trend, we gathered some of the favorites that we’ll be wearing everywhere this summer below. Throw them on top of any look to add that extra pop of color.

Where will you be wearing these?