These Blow-Dry 'Dos Will Make You Want to Sprint to the Salon

I have a confession to make—until recently I'd never had a blow-dry; at least, not a proper one. I know; how is that possible? It's largely because I seem to ill-time my hairdresser appointments to days and times where I have nowhere to be; no need for a sleek blow-dry. Having already sat in the colourists' chair for upwards of four hours (I have a lot of hair to dye), the last thing I want to do is spend a second longer in it. So, a rough blast it is and, as soon as I can, I'm out the door. 

However, this summer I decided to treat myself to a blow-dry before a close friend's wedding. Their later start time meant I actually had time to head to the hairdressers before the nuptials began (I'm always notoriously late so, even if the ceremony begins at 12pm, I don't like to chance it). What I discovered, as I took in the handiwork of my stylist forty minutes later, was that I like blow-dries. I really like blow-dries. 

Never before had my hair looked so good. It was full! Shiny! Bouncy! And now I get it—why all of my friends and the influencers I follow get them as regularly as their purse-strings permit. As such, I'm now constantly on the look-out for new blow-dry tears to take to the hairdresser when my next appointment comes around. Assuming this is something you too do ahead of your salon session, I decided to pull together some of my favourite blow-dry hairstyles for your beauty pleasure.

Whether you prefer sleek and straight or curly and full-bodied, whether your tresses or long or chin-grazing, I've found the perfect blow-dry for you. 

Keep scrolling to see the chicest blow-dry hairstyles for every occasion. 

Margot's stylist has given her tousled blow-dry edgy with a sweeping side-parting. 

Look up "blow-dry" in the dictionary and this shot should be there. 

Danielle pairs her waved blow-dry with a perfectly-quaffed curtain fringe. 

Blow-Dry Hairstyles: @tiffanyhsu with a sleek blow-dry



A blunt bob looks particularly amazing with a razor-sharp finish. 

Karina's outward hairdryer-made curls frame her face perfectly. 

Brie's cute flicked ends give her blow-dry throwback appeal. 

Blow-Dry Hairstyles: @jadasezer with a smooth blow-dry



Jada's blow-dry is simple but seriously effective. 

Jessie's trademark waves look extra-glossy when they've been blow-dried in place. 

Blow-Dry Hairstyles: @lauraharrier with a blow-dry ponytail



Laura's blow-dry ponytail is the next on my bucket list. 

Erika has her naturally waved hair elegantly smoothed for a special occasion. 

Straight blow-dry + full fringe = hair goals. 

Kim's sweet, flicked ponytail is undoubtedly the work of a master blow-drier. 

Blow-Dry Hairstyles: @greceghanem with a cropped blow-dry



Who said blow-dries were reserved for long hair? 

Blow-Dry Hairstyles: @alexachung with a blow-dry complete with waves to the front trendles



Alexa opts for a textured blow-dry complete with waves to the front section. 

Blow-Dry Hairstyles: @selenagomez with a textured blow-dry



You needn't stick to glamorous waves—Selena's beauty blow-dry makes for a sultry alternative. 

Chloe keeps her blow-dry simple with the ends slightly curled inwards and an extra helping of shine. 

Sarah is easily the queen of the blow-dry. Follow her for all the inspiration you need. 

Much like Selena, Emily opts for a slept-in blow-dry look for fashion week. 

Blow-Dry Hairstyles: @_jessicaskye opts for a simple blow-dry



Jessica ensures her bob looks slick as can be with a kicked-out blow-dry. 

Blow-Dry Hairstyles: @vanessahong's bob looks beyond beautiful with a curled-under blow-dry



Vanessa's retro '50s-style blow-dry is one of the most beautiful we've seen. 

Blow-Dry Hairstyles: @jourdandunn with a high-shine blow-dry



So slick, Jourdan's blow-dried tresses practically double-up as a mirror. 

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