Blake Lively Reveals Why She Named Her Daughter James

Since Blake Lively gave birth to her daughter back in December, there's been a ton of chatter surrounding the infant's name. First, rumours swirled that the little girl's name was Violet, which Ryan Reynolds eventually denied. Not long after, murmurs began that the child's name was actually James, but the Lively-Reynolds camp continued to refuse to confirm or deny her nomenclature.

Well, we can all rest easy tonight at last, because Lively herself has finally talked about why she and husband Ryan Reynolds named their daughter James. She went on Live! With Kelly and Michael and opened up about the motivation behind the little tyke's name.

"It’s a family name, and I liked having a boy’s name [myself],” she says. 

There you have it folks! What do you think of the reasoning behind Blake Lively's naming of her child? Tell us in the comments below!