Why Black and Navy Are Actually the Best Color Pairing

Who says you can’t wear black and navy together? No, seriously, for such a deep-rooted fashion myth, we can’t seem to come up with a single reason not to try it. In fact, it’s one of our most favorite color pairings, subdued as it might be. And, lucky for us, the below street style stars agree.

For all those girls who tend toward a head-to-toe black look on most occasions, this one’s for you. It’s just the way to add a little extra dimension without that true “pop of color,” which can often be jarring at best. And when you’re seeking that easy way to edge up your outfit of the day, most black statement items will instantly infuse your look with that cool-girl je ne sais quoi that we’re all so desperately seeking. Think: lace-trimmed camisoles, leather jackets, and moto boots (to name a few).

From day to night, get inspired by the black-and-navy outfits for summer here. You’ll be wearing them as soon as you can, and you can even transition them straight into fall with a few extra layers here and there, but one thing is for sure: Once you try the previously taboo trend, you’ll never look back.

black navy outfits for summer off the shoulder top tailored trousers



Pair your tailored navy trousers with an off-the-shoulder black top. Finish it off with printed black-and-white accessories for an extra pop.

black navy outfits for summer jeans t-shirt leather jacket



A navy T-shirt and a black leather jacket are brightened up with the addition of medium-wash jeans and white shoes.

black navy outfits for summer maxi dress denim jacket



Spring, summer, or fall, top a black maxi dress with a casual dark-wash jean jacket for a high-low look you can wear anywhere.

Play with proportions by pairing slim leather pants with a more oversize knit on top.

black navy outfits for summer slip dress leather jacket



A cropped leather jacket is the perfect pairing for a simple slip dress in navy. Style the look with like-toned accessories and shoes.

black navy outfits for summer metallic skirt t-shirt



Go for a navy with a little bit of texture or sheen to keep it interesting, especially on a night out.

black navy outfits for summer plaid mini skirt t-shirt



Consider infusing another understated color, like burgundy or hunter green, into your black-and-navy look.

Not only do we love the slip dress–and–leather jacket look, but we’re also a little obsessed with a dress that already incorporates both classic tones in one.

Sometimes all you need is a cardigan sweater and pair of high-waisted jeans.

black navy outfits for summer midi dress moto jacket



Switch it up and consider a black dress with navy moto jacket instead of the other way around.

black navy outfits for summer high-waisted pants statement top



High-waisted black pants and a statement blouse in navy? Sign us up.

Pair your darkest of skinny jeans with a black top that wows.

black navy outfits for summer shorts button-down blazer


Vanessa Jackman

Add a tailored navy blazer to a pair of shorts and a button-down in black and you’ve instantly dressed up your off-duty favorite.

black navy outfits for summer layered top dress belt


Vanessa Jackman

Layer like a pro in black and navy, going for a tank or tee in the summer, and then switching to more covered layers for winter and fall.

Shop our favorite ready-made black-and-navy pieces

We dare you to ever wear any other color pairing.

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