This Is the #1 Shoe Style of the Year (So Far)

When we want to shop the latest shoe trends before everyone else, one of the first places we think to check is Shopbop. As you probably already know, they stock only the most stylish options from brands at a variety of price points and are one of the few places where you could feasibly get all of your shopping done for the season in one place.

Since we know that you're already major fans of the e-tailer, we went straight to the source to get their expert opinion on the shoe style that everyone is already buying (and will continue to do so) in 2017. Shopbop's fashion director Caroline Maguire told us that the embellished slide is the shoe of the season, and being huge fans of the effortless shoe trend ourselves, we couldn't be more pleased to hear this.

Maguire said, "Our girl has already mastered the slide, it's a staple in her closet by now. She's ready for the season's new take on this style—loads of embellishment, novelty, and texture, fringe and frills—all reasons to buy!" We, too, have noticed that the pretty shoe style has been taking off, as they were a mainstay on directional fashion week attendees' feet this past September and October, and the best pairs across the internet have already been quickly selling out. Although you might have to wait a few months to wear them if you live in a colder climate, we strongly advise shopping the trend now because of the sellout factor. 

Keep scrolling to shop Maguire's embellished slide picks and a few more that we find incredibly stylish and splurge-worthy.


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"The embellished slide is our obsession of the season! Dress up denim or a trouser with this statement style—slide them on and GO.” — Shopbop's fashion director Caroline Maguire

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Allyson Payer
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