I Called an Intervention on Myself: I Have to Stop Buying These 8 Trends

2019's biggest trends



Something about me: I love trends. With each new season, I want to immediately fill my closet with all the biggest ones. But I prefer to not let my wardrobe do harm to my bank account, and for that reason, I try to be judicious. That said, there are certain trends this year that I admit to going a little overboard with, but I'm clearly not alone in that. The eight trends I'm calling out below have become oversaturated at this point, both in my closet and in general.

Here's the thing—when a trend is oversaturated (meaning practically everyone is selling it and wearing it, including me), I typically take it as my cue to stop buying it. That said, I'm not going to stop wearing these trends anytime soon. I've simply realized that it's time to make room for some other fresh trends in my closet, which I'm also naming below. Scroll on to find out which trends I'm forcing myself to stop buying and which new ones I'm investing in now. 

No Longer Buying: Animal Print
Making Room For: Dark Florals

I love animal prints of any species, but I think we can all agree that we probably have enough leopards and zebras roaming around our closets. For now, I'm investing more heavily in floral prints with dark backgrounds, which are trending heavily for fall.

No Longer Buying: Hair Clips
Making Room For: Hair Bows

Hair bows are the new hair clips, folks. Not sure how you feel about this? Do as I did and start with a silky black bow that's on the smaller side.

No Longer Buying: Tie-Dye
Making Room For: Lamé

Tie-dye is still very much a trend and made multiple appearances on the F/W 19 runways, but if you're growing a little tired of it and still want a fun, eye-catching look, Lamé is also trending for fall.

No Longer Buying: Belt Bags
Making Room For: Shoulder and Frame Bags

Truth be told, I never really jumped on the belt-bag bandwagon. I just admire them from a distance. That's probably part of the reason I'm excited about the return of shoulder and frame bags.

No Longer Buying: Neon
Making Room For: Green

Neon is far too polarizing to be a long-lasting trend, in my opinion. Instead, I'm filling my wardrobe with shades of green this season (but especially those of the pistachio variety).

No Longer Buying: Bike Shorts
Making Room For: Short Suits

The bike-short trend has lasted far longer than I thought it would in the first place, and it's certainly not dead yet, but I'm seeking more polished options like shorts suits for fall.

No Longer Buying: Anklets
Making Room For: Chunky Chain Necklaces

I love anklets and have been wearing multiple at a time all summer. While I'm currently contemplating wearing them over my ankle boots this fall, I'm also making room in my jewelry box for chunky chain necklaces, which is fall's number one jewelry trend.

No Longer Buying: Strappy Sandals
Making Room For: Square-Toe Boots

Unfortunately, I won't be able to wear many of the strappy sandals I've collected once the weather cools down, but I plan on keeping square-toe ankle boots on heavy rotation.

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