10 Simple Fall Trends That Basically Style Themselves

If you're like me, figuring out ways to work the latest trends into your wardrobe every day requires the luxury of time you don't always have. Not only that, some trends are just plain complicated, and the average shopper might not even have existing items in their wardrobe to wear with them. For all of these reasons, I've opted to narrow the multitude of fall trends down to the easiest-to-style ones.

To fully appreciate these easy-to-style trends, it's best to think about what's considered tricky to style. In my opinion, that's anything that doesn't look good with jeans, trends that aren't appropriate for a variety of occasions, and trends that are too, well, trendy, to combine with other trends. Although some of these trends may not look simple at first glance, I promise that feathers and leather clothing don't need much else to shine (hence the promise that they basically style themselves). Trust me—these are effortless. Scroll to find out why.


Dark Florals

Floral prints are far from groundbreaking, but the prevalence of dark florals on the fall runways sort of was. The moody quality a dark background gives to flowers feels just right for fall.

Square Toes

Square toes are such a distinctive trend that you really don't need to wear any other trends with them if you don't want to. Even bland outfits will look instantly directional with the addition of a pair of square-toe shoes.

Pistachio Green

Pistachio has emerged as the most important color trend of F/W 19. I've already bought multiple pistachio pieces, and it's been easy to brainstorm all the different ways I can incorporate them into my wardrobe.

Leather Clothing

Leather is no longer just for moto jackets and shoes. Leather (or vegan leather) clothing items are one of the most luxe trends of the season. Feel free to pile it on.


Feathers certainly aren't the least extra trend on this list, but they're so fun and attention-grabbing that you can pair them with easy basics and still look like you made an effort.


Bold statement: Houndstooth is the new plaid. Different colors of the print can be found on the market, but if you want the simplest-to-style version, stick with the classic black and white.

Belted Blazers

Perhaps the most flattering trend in this roundup, belted blazers provide instant polish to a look. I'm particularly fond of choosing a belted blazer that will add some color to your wardrobe.

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts haven't replaced midi skirts, per se, but the fashion crowd has certainly embraced them as of late, thanks to It brands like Paco Rabanne. 


Talk about one and done—boilersuits are a great solution to the age-old I-have-nothing-to-wear problem. Pro tip: They look especially chic with heels.


I love that trenchcoats are both a basic and a trend, and I really love all the ridiculously cool iterations that brands have included in their F/W 19 collections.

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